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At a distance of 156 Kms from Mangalore & 450 Kms from Bangalore, Murudeshwar is a picturesque place situated between Honnavar and Bhatkal. It is bounded by the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats.

Murudeshwar is famous adobe of Lord Shiva and a popular pilgrimage center in South India. The temple which embodies a Shiva Linga is believed to have erupted when Ravana (Demon King of Lanka) flung the cloth covering the Atmalinga at Gokarna while lifting it. Lord Shiva, following a complicated sequence of events, declared that Murudeshwara should be one of his five holy places.

Murudeshwar is famous for the world's tallest Shiva statue & tallest temple tower of Murudeshwar Temple. This place is also famous for wonderful beaches. The sea on three sides surrounds the temple towering on the small hill called Kanduka Giri. This is a great place to watch the sunset.

Murudeshwar is situated on Mangalore - Mumbai route and well connected by buses & trains.

Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 Days
Base Station: Murudeshwar
Nearest City: Mangalore (156 Kms), Hubli (200 Kms)
Best Time to Visit: October to March
Peak Season: November to February
State: Karnataka
District: Uttara Kannada
Other Info
Internet Availability: Good
STD Code: 08385
Languages Spoken: Kannada, Tulu ,Hindi and English
Temperature: Maximum - 35C
Minimum - 14C
Major Festivals: Maha Shivaratri (Feb/Mar)
By Air
Nearest Airport: Mangalore - Mangalore Airport (151 Kms)
Direct Flights to Mangalore
From Dist (Kms) Freq Duration
Kozhikode2401/Day1 Hrs
By Train
Nearest Train Station: Murdeshwar Railway Station (0 Kms)
Direct Trains to Murudeshwar
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By Bus
Nearest Bus Station: Murudeshwar Bus Station (2 Kms)
Direct Buses to Murudeshwar
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Murudeshwar Temple (Pilgrimage)

At a distance of 2 Kms from Murudeshwar Railway Station, Murudeshwar Temple is a 500 years old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is situated on a small hill called Kanduka Giri, bounded by the sea on three sides. It's one of the important places of worship for Lord Shiva in South India.

This temple is believed to have erupted when Ravana removed the cloth covering the Atmalinga at Gokarna while lifting it.....

Lord Shiva Statue (Pilgrimage)

At a distance of 2 Kms from Murudeshwar Railway Station, the Statue of Lord Shiva is the tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world with a height of 123 feet. It is situated adjacent to the Murudeshwar Temple.

It took about 2 years to build the statue. The statue carved with so much attention to detail. There are many life-size statues of Gods and Demons around the Shiva statue. The statue was built by Shivamogga's Kashinath and several other sculptors, financed by businessman Mr R.N.....

At a distance of 2 Kms from Murudeshwar Railway Station, Murudeshwar Beach is a beautiful beach situated just beside the Kanduka Giri on which Murudeshwar Temple is located.

This is a splendid beach surrounded by hills, the wide Arabian Sea on the west, and coconut and areca groves close by, it attracts tourists all round the year. Murudeshwar offers you the magnificent natural views, sun, sand, diving and a secular beach and calm surroundings.....

At a distance of 57 Kms from Murudeshwar & 73 kms from Udupi, Kollur Mookambika Temple is a beautiful temple located on the banks of Souparnika River at the foot hills of Western Ghats. Kollur is regarded as one of the Seven Muktistala pilgrimage sites in Karnataka.

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvathi. According to Legends, Goddess Parvathi killed a demon called Kamsasuran who lived here and attempted to become powerful through his penance.....

Bhatkal (Beach & Historical & Pilgrimage)

At a distance of 13 Kms from Murudeshwar Railway Station, Bhatkal is a historical & ancient port town located on NH17 towards Udupi. Bhatkal has temples of Vijaynagar times and many ancient Jain monuments.

The Cholas invaded Bhatkal during 10th century and built Solesvara Temple. The Cholas are followed by Vijayanagara Kings & Saluva (Jain) rulers. Bhatkal was finally passed on to Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan and later to the British in 1799 after Tipu was defeated.....

At a distance of 15 Kms from Murudeshwar & 14 Kms from Honavar, Ganapati Temple at Idagunji is one of the famous temples in this region.

According to the legend, Lord Ganapati stayed in this place which was known as Kunjaranya. It is said to be a place of penance selected by ancient Rishis. The importance of Idagunji is mentioned in the Skandapurana. This place is located on the left bank of River Sharawati.....

Netrani Island (Other)

At a distance of 20 Kms from Murudeshwar, 25 Kms from Bhatkal & Netrani Island is a tiny island in the Arabian Sea which is famous for diving/snorkeling. It is also known as Netragudo & Pigeon Island.

Netrani is very suitable for snorkeling and diving activities. Many varieties of coral, butterfly fish, trigger fish, parrot fish, eels and shrimps can be seen here. It is also said that Whale Sharks are found around the Island.....

Baindur / Byndoor (Beach & Pilgrimage)

At a distance of 30 Kms from Murudeshwar & 70 Kms from Udupi, Baindur (also spelled as Byndoor) is a small historical town situated on NH17 between Murudeswar & Udupi. Baindur is famous for many temples - Sri Seneshwara Temple, Sri Mahakali Temple and Sri Sita Ramachandra Temple, Sri Someshwara Temple situated on the beach. Baindur is also having a beautiful beach.

Sri Seneshwara Temple is the most beautiful with extensive carvings built in Hoysala's style.....

Kudumari / Chaktikal Waterfalls (Adventure / Trekking & Waterfall)

At a distance of 43 Kms from Murudeshwar, 93 Kms from Udupi & 17 Kms from Shiroor (on Udupi - Karwar road), Kudumari Waterfalls (also known as Chaktikal Falls) is a magnificent waterfall located in deep forest near Chaktikal village. The waterfall is 17 Kms from Shiroor via Toodalli (also known as Soodalli) and 3 Kms from Chaktikal village. Chaktikal is about 5 Kms from Koosalli and can be reached by driving 2-3 Kms from Toodalli towards Koosalli and taking diversion into Chaktikal village.....

Koosalli Waterfalls (Adventure / Trekking & Waterfall)

At a distance of 45 Kms from Murudeshwar, 95 Kms from Udupi & 20 Kms from Shiroor (on Udupi - Karwar road), Koosalli Waterfalls is a magnificent waterfall located in deep forest near Koosalli village. The waterfall is 20 Kms from Shiroor via Toodalli (also known as Soodalli) and 5 Kms from Koosalli village.

Koosalli Waterfalls is a 6 step cascading waterfall dropping from a height of 380 feet.....

At a distance of 48 Kms from Murudeshwar & 52 Kms from Udupi, Maravanthe is the place separated by Arabian Sea on one side and Souparnika River on the other. The Maravanthe Beach is a beautiful sight on the NH17 towards Udupi.

With a mountainous backdrop of Kodachadri Hills this is a picturesque virgin beach not unspoiled by tourists. The beach is also well lit up at night and the street lights reflect in the waters, making an attractive display.....

Arisina Gundi Falls (Waterfall)

At a distance of 67 Kms from Murudeshwar, 83 kms from Udupi & 10 Kms from Kollur Temple, Arisina Gundi Falls (also called as Arasina Makki Falls) is a famous waterfall located in thick forest inside the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. It is also an ideal place for trekking.

This falls are deep inside the forests close to Kodachadri hills and demands 1-2 Kms trek from the nearest approach road. The road can be reached by hiring Jeep from Kollur Temple.....

Hidlumane Falls (Adventure / Trekking & Waterfall)

At a distance of 72 Kms from Murudeshwar, 88 Kms from Udupi, 33 Kms from Hosanagara, 53 Kms from Sagar, 109 Kms from Shimoga & 15 Kms from Kollur Temple, Hidlumane Falls is located near Bellakka village near Nittur. The falls are situated on Kodachadri trek route.

Hidlumane Falls are a series of 6 cascading falls each falling from a height of 50-70 feet. Part of the route from Kollur Road can be reached by a Jeep (can be hired at Kollur Temple, Hosenagara or Nagara).....

Kodachadri (Adventure / Trekking)

At a distance of 75 Kms from Murudeshwar, 90 Kms from Udupi, 110 Kms from Shimoga & 20 Kms from Kollur, Kodachadri is a mountain peak in the Western Ghats situated at an altitude of 1343m. Kodachadri is a wonderful place for trekking. It is believed that Shankaracharya did meditation on this hill and there is a 'Sarvajna Peetha' located on top of the hill.

There are several routes to trek these wonderful hills. Famous route starts from Nagodi village situated on Kollur - Nagara route.....

Udupi (Pilgrimage)

At a distance of 60 Kms from Mangalore & 388 Kms from Bangalore, Udupi is a famous temple town and headquarters of the Udupi District. It is also the source of Udupi cuisine which is famous across the world.

Situated on the shores of Arabian Sea, Udupi is famous for Sri Krishna Temple and wonderful beaches including Malpe Beach, Kaup Beach & St. Mary's Island. Udupi is one of the famous tourist destinations in Karnataka.....

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