Best Things To Do in Ooty in Summer

As the tedious summer descends on India with its scorching hot, sweaty days, everyone can think of ways to cool down. The idea of lush green hills, shady avenues, and cool showers of rain is compelling; this is also the time when most families head to a hill station to beat the heat for a few days. Instead of hiking up to northern hill stations like Nainital, Shimla, and Manali, why not head south to be inspired by the divine beauty of the Queen of the Nilgiris, Ooty? Summer is the best time to visit Ooty when the weather is pleasant. Not only is the weather perfect, but there is also a lot to do to keep your days packed with activity and excitement as part of Ooty tour packages. If you’re one of those who are planning a summer vacation this year, go through our list of some of the top things to do in Ooty in summer here.

  • Enjoy a Fun Railway Ride in the Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train
  • Stroll Across the Botanical Gardens
  • Take a Joyful Boat Ride at the Ooty Lake
  • Trek to Doddabeta Peak
  • Enjoy Safari at Mudumalai National Park
  • Spend a Day Chilling at the Emerald Lake
  • Seek Blessings at Elk Hill Murugan Temple

Enjoy a Fun Railway Ride in the Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, which runs from Mettupalayam to Ooty, is one of the most scenic train journeys in India. Developed by British engineers in 1908, the sound of the steam engine spells an old-world charm on travelers and gives the feel of the time of British rule. Covering 42 km in length, the train route winds its way through 108 hair-raising curves, 16 fearful tunnels, and 250 bridges. Offering a pleasant view of the lush green hills, picturesque valleys, and verdant meadows from the window seat, the Ooty Toy Train invites people to witness the sheer beauty of the Nilgiris in its way. Just keep your camera handy to capture some amazing views while embarking on your journey to Ooty, one of the most popular hill stations in India, and among the must-include places in Tamil Nadu tour packages.

Stroll Across the Botanical Gardens

Botanical Garden is a well-maintained garden located on the slope of the well-known Doddabetta Peak, one of the top places to visit in Ooty. Built in 1847, the garden is home to over 650 species of trees and flowers in five sections, namely the Lower Garden, New Garden, Italian Garden, The Conservatory, and The Nurseries. It also features a diverse array of spectacular lawns, manmade ponds with lilies, exotic woods, and more. It is a perfect spot for sightseeing lovers, fun seekers, and photographers. One can also see a fossil tree that is supposed to be 20 million years old and Toda Hill, which gives a glimpse of the lifestyle and culture of the Toda tribe. Another point of interest in the Ooty Botanical Garden is its flower show, which is successfully organized as a part of the summer festival of Ooty in May every year. 

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Take a Joyful Boat Ride at the Ooty Lake

Your Ooty tour won’t be complete without visiting Ooty Lake. Spread over an area of 65 acres, Ooty Lake is one of the prime places to visit in this hill station where you can enjoy leisure evenings with your loved ones in a peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by Eucalyptus trees, Nilgiri ranges, and lush greenery in the background. Boating is the major attraction of this lake where you can choose to hire paddle boats, motorboats, and rowing boats from the boathouse. Other activities that one can try at the lake include horse riding, cycling, and photography. There is also an amusement park along with a Deer Park for the entertainment of children. Kids can also take a mini-train ride to have a quick tour of the lake as well as the park.

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Trek to Doddabeta Peak

Strategically located between the Eastern and the Western Ghats with an altitude of 2623 m, Doddabetta is the highest peak in the Nilgiri mountain range, and among the prominent Ooty tourist places. The area surrounding Doddabetta is a reserved forest area that is home to many endangered species of flora and fauna. Tall rhododendron trees, flowering sub-alpine shrubs, and herbs are common, even very near the peak. With a unique flattened curve at its peak, the trek up to the top is not that challenging and has a telescope house at the top which provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, valleys, plains of Coimbatore, and the flat highlands of Mysore that lures a huge number of tourists.

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Enjoy Safari at Mudumalai National Park

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the famous wildlife sanctuaries in Tamilnadu, and among the best places to visit near Bangalore. Established in 1940, it is situated on the Karnataka-Kerala border adjacent to Bandipur National Park of Karnataka and Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary of Kerala. Mudumalai is the first sanctuary in South India and was declared as a National Park in 1990. Later, the Tamil Nadu state government declared Mudumalai to be a tiger reserve in April 2007.  It is home to 21 species of amphibians, 50 species of fishes, 200 species of birds, 34 species of reptiles, and 50 species of mammals. Visiting the Mudumalai National Park for a wildlife safari is undoubtedly the highlight of your Ooty trip. One can choose from a Bus Safari, a Jeep Safari, or an elephant safari to explore the surrounding area of the park. 

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Spend a Day Chilling at the Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is a serene lake located near Emerald Village in the Nilgiris district of Tamilnadu. Escape the crowd and head to this offbeat paradise located in the middle of the green hills and tea gardens as part of your Ooty packages. Far away from the crowded areas of the hill station, the lake is part of the Silent Valley National Park and is situated on the way to Avalanche Village. The blue waters of Emerald Lake surrounded by lush green meadows and forest are simply mesmerizing. The lake is one of the picturesque lakes in Ooty and is a haven for a variety of birds. It is also notable for its scenic sunrise and sunset views. One can choose to sit on the banks, go canoeing in this untouched lake, or go hiking in this place.

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Seek Blessings at Elk Hill Murugan Temple

If you are bored of seeing the lakes, gardens, and waterfalls in Ooty, and you’re in search of a place that can offer you a completely different atmosphere, you should visit the Elk Hill Temple. Dedicated to Lord Murugan, the Elk Murugan Temple is one of the revered temples in Ooty, among the prominent places to visit near Mysore. The highlight of the place is a 40-foot-tall statue of Lord Murugan that stands tall outside the enclosures of the temple and attracts pilgrims and devotees from far and wide. The statue is a replica of the Murugan Statue in Batu Caves, Malaysia. In addition to that, the temple premises also have idols of Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakthi, Nava Kanika, Navagrahas, etc. Amidst a picturesque backdrop and a resplendent setting, the calm and composed environment of the temple enhances the overall beauty of the place and one can also get a 360-degree view of Ooty town from here. 

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