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At a distance of 1 km from Srirangam Railway Station, 9 km from Trichy Railway Junction, 62 km from Thanjavur, 145 km from Madurai & 327 km from Chennai, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is a prominent Hindu temple situated at Srirangam near Trichy. It is one of the famous temples in South India, and among the most visited places in Tamilnadu.

Constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is the foremost of the eight self-manifested shrines of Lord Vishnu, and among the important places of pilgrimage in Tamilnadu. Built across an area of 156 acres, this temple is dedicated to Ranganatha, a reclining form of Hindu deity, Lord Vishnu. This temple lies on an island formed by the twin Rivers Cauvery and Kollidam. Though the temple existing since the 2nd century BC, the archaeological inscriptions are available only .....

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At a distance of 2.5 km from Srirangam Temple and 11 km from Trichy Railway Junction, Sri Thiruvanaikoil or Thiruvanaikaval, is famous for Jambukeswarar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was built by Kochengon, one of the Early Cholas around 1800 years ago on Srirangam Island.

Thiruvanaikoil Temple is one of the five major Shiva Temples known as Panchabhoota Sthala representing element of water. The sanctum has Shiva Lingam in the form of Appu lingam (water lingam). The sanctum of Lord Jambukeshwara has an underground water stream and one can see water coming out of that stream all the time. The presiding goddess is Devi Akilandeswari Amman.

According to legend, Parvathi performed penance in the form of Akilandeswari in the Jambu forest. She made the lingam out of the water of river Kaveri, installed it under the Venn Naaval tree evolved out of Saint Jambu and commenced her worship. Lord Siva at last gave darshan to Devi Akhilandeswari and taught her Siva Gnana.

According .....

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At a distance of 1.5 km from Srirangam Railway Station, and 9 km from Trichy, Kattu Azhagiya Singa Perumal Temple, or Kattu Narasimhaperumal Temple is a Hindu temple situated in the suburb of Srirangam, India. It is one of the ancient temples in Tamilnadu, and among the must-visit Srirangam tourist places.

Kattu Azhagiya Singa Perumal Temple is dedicated to Lord Narasimha. The temple was built by the Pandyan King Vallabadevan in the 9th century CE. However as per legend, this temple dates back to a period prior to the Sri Ranganatha Temple when this Kshetram was referred to as Velli Thirumutham. It was only later, after the construction of the Ranganatha temple that it came to be known as Thiruvarangam. Some believe that the temple dates back to the 5th century CE. Although the temple is not mentioned in the Nalayira Divya Prabhandams and is not listed in the Divya Desam group of 108 temples, it is still .....

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At a distance of 7 km from Srirangam, and 15 km from Trichy, Butterfly Park is a conservatory situated in Srirangam. It is one of the scenic places to visit in Srirangam, especially for nature lovers.

The Tropical Butterfly Conservatory can be found within the Upper Anaicut reserve forest in Srirangam. Established in 2013, this park spans across 35 acres within the river Cauvery and Kollidam drainage basin. The Conservatory consists of Butterfly Park and Nakshatravanam (star forest). Maintained by Tiruchirappalli Forest Division, this park is the largest butterfly park in Asia.

Visitors to the park are presented with an excellent opportunity to gain insights into butterflies and their life cycles. The primary highlight of the Butterfly Park is the mesmerizing sight of colorful butterflies fluttering around. Additionally, the park features a vibrant garden, a glass house, a charming fountain, and .....

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At a distance of 34 km from Srirangam Railway Station, and 41 km from Trichy, Vadivazhagiya Nambi Perumal Temple, also known as Sundararaja Perumal Temple is a HIndu temple situated at Anbil village in the outskirts of Tiruchirappalli in Tamilnadu. It is one of the best places to visit near Trichy, and among the must-visit tourist places in Srirangam tour .

Also known as Thiru Anbil, Vadivazhagiya Nambi Perumal Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is one of the 108 Divya Desams of Lord Vishnu, who is worshipped here as Sundararajan and his consort as Sundaravalli. The temple is mentioned in the Naalayira Divya Prabandham, the ancient Tamil canon of the Alvar saints from the 6th-9th centuries CE.

Located on the northern bank of the river Kollidam, the temple is believed to have been constructed by the Medieval Cholas of the late 8th century CE, with later contributions from Vijayanagara kings and Madurai Nayaks. Inscriptions .....

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At a distance of 17 km from Srirangam, and 20 km from Trichy, Kallanai Dam, also known as the Grand Anicut, is an ancient dam situated in Srirangam. It is one of the prominent Srirangam tourist places.

The Kallanai Dam, constructed by Karikala of the Chola dynasty in 150 CE, built across the flowing Kaveri River. During the 19th century, the British remodeled this dam. It holds the distinction of being the fourth oldest water-diversion or water-regulator structure globally and the oldest one in India that is still functional. Its primary purpose was to divert water from the Kaveri to the fertile delta region for irrigation through canals, as well as to the northern delta branch known as Kollidam/Coleroon.

Made of unhewn stone, the Kallanai Dam measures 329 meters in length, 20 meters in width, and 5.4 meters in height. Remarkably, the dam remains in excellent condition and served as a model for .....

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