By Air

Nearest Airport: Bhopal - Raja Bhoj Airport (55 Kms)

Direct Flights to Bhopal

From Dist (Kms) Freq Duration

By Train

Nearest Train Station: Bhopal Junction Railway Station (45 Kms)

Direct Trains to Bhopal
FromDist (Kms)FreqDuration
Jhansi to Bhopal340NANA
Jalgaon to Bhopal452NANA
Sawai Madhopur to Bhopal457NANA
Chittorgarh to Bhopal469NANA
Chandrapur to Bhopal504NANA
Ajmer to Bhopal534NANA
Manmad to Bhopal541NANA
Agra to Bhopal576NANA
Fatehpur Sikri to Bhopal592NANA
Shirdi to Bhopal598NANA
Aurangabad to Bhopal601NANA
Mathura to Bhopal608NANA
Jaipur to Bhopal612NANA
Nashik to Bhopal612NANA
Igatpuri to Bhopal655NANA
Mount Abu to Bhopal685NANA
Basara to Bhopal694NANA
Nizamabad to Bhopal697NANA
Karimnagar to Bhopal699NANA
Kalyan to Bhopal747NANA
Varanasi to Bhopal766NANA
Jodhpur to Bhopal777NANA
Mumbai to Bhopal788NANA
Pune to Bhopal796NANA
Bikaner to Bhopal805NANA
Warangal to Bhopal815NANA
Hyderabad to Bhopal852NANA
Satara to Bhopal879NANA
Haridwar to Bhopal945NANA
Dehradun to Bhopal1006NANA
Chandigarh to Bhopal1037NANA
Kalka to Bhopal1055NANA
Ratnagiri to Bhopal1084NANA
Vijayawada to Bhopal1122NANA
Mantralayam to Bhopal1133NANA
Alnavar to Bhopal1173NANA
Annavaram to Bhopal1204NANA
Puri to Bhopal1211NANA
Anantapur to Bhopal1230NANA
Amritsar to Bhopal1232NANA
Rajahmundry to Bhopal1247NANA
Pathankot to Bhopal1274NANA
Karwar to Bhopal1287NANA
Srikalahasti to Bhopal1402NANA
Tirupati to Bhopal1425NANA
Bangalore to Bhopal1439NANA
Chennai to Bhopal1479NANA
Vellore to Bhopal1482NANA
Udupi to Bhopal1490NANA
Mangalore to Bhopal1551NANA
Srirangapatna to Bhopal1571NANA
Mysore to Bhopal1587NANA
Villupuram to Bhopal1633NANA
Karaikal to Bhopal1764NANA
Tiruchirappalli to Bhopal1775NANA
Mettupalayam to Bhopal1801NANA
Thanjavur to Bhopal1831NANA
Kodaikanal to Bhopal1833NANA
Kodai Road to Bhopal1834NANA
Madurai to Bhopal1873NANA
Kochi to Bhopal1987NANA
Tirunelveli to Bhopal2018NANA
Kottayam to Bhopal2035NANA
Guwahati to Bhopal2042NANA
Alleppey to Bhopal2046NANA
Kollam to Bhopal2118NANA
Trivandrum to Bhopal2170NANA

By Bus

Nearest Bus Station: Bhimbetka Bus Stop (0 Kms)
Bhopal (45 Kms)

Direct Buses to Bhimbetka

From Dist (Kms) Freq Duration
Details not available

Distance Chart

Distance Chart & Driving Directions to Bhimbetka

From Distance (Kms)
Bhopal to Bhimbetka45
Indore to Bhimbetka239