Phaladhara Panchadhara

Nature | Pilgrimage

Photo Credit: Flickr

Distance (From Srisailam): 4.5 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1 Hour

Transportation Options: Cab / Auto

Travel Tips: 1. Hatekeswaram is just opposite to Phaladhara & Panchadhara and both places can be visited together.
2. This place is on the way to Sikharam (3.5 Kms) and can be visited together.

At a distance of 4.5 Km from Srisailam, 5 km from Srisailam Temple & 10 km from Srisailam Dam, Phaladhara and Panchadhara, on the way to Sikharam, is one of the most beautiful scenic spot in the surroundings of Srisailam. This spot is located in a narrow valley approachable by a flight of 160 steps with streams of pure water flowing with musical sound reverberate the surroundings. It is one of the popular attractions in Srisailam and is situated between Srisailam town and Srisailam Dam.

According to locals, these streams signify their origin from the fore head of God Siva, the Phaladhara (Phala = fore head, dhara = Stream) and denote the five aspects of Siva, the Panchadhara (Pancha = five, dhara = Stream). The water from this stream flows uninterrupted in all the seasons.

Tradition records that Bhagavan Adisankara performed penance at this place and composed the famous Sivanandalahari here. His Holiness Kanchi Paramacharya confirmed this and marble statues of Sarada Devi and Sankaracharya installed here.

The Skanda Purana describes the flow as Bhogavathi and it joins in the river Krishna.