Best Season to Visit Hogenakkal

August to December is Best Season to Visit Hogenakkal

Peak Season in Hogenakkal

August to October is Peak Season in Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal Weather

Minimum Temperature in Hogenakkal


Maximum Temperature in Hogenakkal


Present Temperature in Hogenakkal

Winter (October - February):

Winter is the ideal time to visit Hogenakkal. Waterfalls will be with its fire after the monsoon. Boating is allowed here during winter. The fish fry and lentil chips are the delicious food attraction of Hogenakkal at any time. The temperature hits up to 15°C at this time. And that is an amazing view of smoking rocks in Hogenakkal.

Monsoon (June - October):

South western monsoon hit Hogenakkal heavily. This makes the waterfalls alive and also the Kaveri River. During monsoon, there won’t be much transportation to each waterfall. Boat racing will not allow during monsoon due to the heavy rainfalls. You can do river rafting if you are preferred to do it. Waterfalls are a sight to view hitting the rocks and keeping the word of ‘Smoking rocks’.

Summer (March - May):

The Indian Peninsula lies in the tropics and is known for its sweltering summer heat. April is the hottest month of the year, and the temperature turns up to 30°C during this time. The rock facades are magnificent, though. The jagged rocks and steep gorges make for picture-perfect views, and have been featured in many films as well.

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