Best Season to Visit Yelagiri Hills

October to April is Best Season to Visit Yelagiri Hills

Yelagiri has a pleasant temperature throughout the year. However, the winter season from October to March is the best time to visit Yelagiri to explore the beauty of this hill station. This is the time the hill station is spread with greenery and the waterfalls are also in full flow. Yelagiri is one of the famous places for trekkers, winter is a good season to experience trekking in this gorgeous hill station. Summer is also the good season to visit Yelagiri hills, it is usually crowded with a large number of tourists.

Peak Season in Yelagiri Hills

December to January & May to June is Peak Season in Yelagiri Hills

New year time and summer are the peak tourist seasons in Yelagiri hills. New year attracts a huge number of travelers to this destination to celebrate their new year's eve and hotel prices are also very high during this season. Summer is also the busiest season in Yelagiri Hills with a high number of visitors heading to this hill station to spend summer vacation.

Yelagiri Hills Weather

Minimum Temperature in Yelagiri Hills


Maximum Temperature in Yelagiri Hills


Present Temperature in Yelagiri Hills

Winter Season:

Winter is the best time to visit this quaint hill stations with its chilly weather. Temperature goes down to 12°C during this time. Winter lasts till October to February in Yelagiri. So this is the best time to experience here with loved once and especially for honeymooners. Explore the hidden hill stations with various attractions in the surrounding area.


Summer Season:

The temperature goes down towards 18°C during summer in Yelagiri. This is the most awaited season like winter. The prime attraction in this period is ‘Summer festival’ conducted by the govt. in the months of May and June and it takes a great initiative to increase local spirit and social togetherness. The festival brings together locals and tourists alike and celebrates the various traditions and cultures that Yelagiri follows and puts forth a plethora of items on display for the entire town.

Monsoon Season:

July to September is monsoon season which is not the best time to visit Yelegiri. The climate remains wet throughout as the town receives around 900mm average rainfall. This means that there is an almost continuous downpour along with occasional thunderstorms. For the offbeat traveler, the town has lush greenery, fewer crowds, and discounted rates too. For those seeking to travel on a smaller budget, this is the right time to get heavy discounts on hotels and to experience the food, culture, and history of the place.