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Renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site in India, Ajanta Caves is one of the top historical places in Maharashtra and among the most visited ancient monuments in India. The Caves were carved between 2nd Century BC and 6th Century AD. Typically, full day is required to explore best Aurangabad Tourism Packages. The caves at Ajanta are famous for beautiful mural paintings and sculptures that depict tales of Jatakas. The artwork in the caves comprises well preserved wall paintings of Bodhisattva, Padmapani and Avalokiteshvara. Various incidents from the life of Gautama Buddha and the Jataka Tales are represented and recreated on the walls of these caves. Scenes from the royal court of the respective eras are also painted.

Aurangabad & Ellora Caves are also close to Ajanta and 2-3 day trips can be planned to visit Ajanta Caves along with these places.

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