ISKCON Mandir - History, Timings & Entry Fee


Photo Credit: Flickr

Distance (From Rajkot Junction): 10 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1-2 Hours

Place Location: On Kalawad Main Road

Transportation Options: Cab / Auto

Travel Tips: None

At a distance of 10 km from Rajkot Junction, ISKCON Temple is a Hindu temple located on Kalwad Main Road in Rajkot. Also known as Sri Radha Neelmadhav Dham, it is one of the popular ISCKON temples in Gujarat and among the top places of pilgrimage in Rajkot.

ISKCON Temple in Rajkot is a Hare Krishna temple and ashram dedicated to the practice of bhakti-yoga or loving service to Lord Krishna, revered by millions of people all over the world. The temple was built in the year 2003 by HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj and was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat Sri Narendra Modi and Alfred Ford (Ambarish Das), the owner of the Ford Auto motors-US.

Known for its architectural beauty and the intricate carvings on the marble, this popular temple draws many visitors all around the year to get a glimpse of the Neelmadhav and to get his divine blessings. The main attraction of the temple is the idol of Lord Krishna and Radha. There are also idols of Sri Jagannath, Baladev, Subadra, Lord Nrsimhadev and Lord Srinathji in the temple premises. The ISKON Temple of Rajkot also has a goshala called Gopal Goshala in its premises.

The temple grounds are maintained and sustained in a tranquil manner. The temple is open to all worshippers regardless of their caste and creed. The temple distributes free prasadam every day to the visitors of the temple and also conducts various religious and cultural programs. The popular event worth taking part in this temple is the evening aarti that held on every Sunday evenings.

Timings: 5 AM - 12.30 PM & 4.30 PM - 8.30 PM