About Somnath

Country: India | State: Gujarat

Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 Days

Nearest City to Somnath: Rajkot (197 Kms), Ahmedabad (408 Kms)

Best Time to Visit Somnath: October to March

Peak Season: November to February

At a distance of 6 km from Veraval, 83 km from Diu, 94 km from Junagadh, 131 km from Porbandar, 197 km from Rajkot, 221 km from Jamnagar, 233 km from Dwarka, 408 km from Ahmedabad, 428 km from Bhuj, 447 km from Vadodara, 601 km from Mount Abu, 636 km from Surat, 669 km from Udaipur, 787 km from Indore and 912 km from Mumbai, Somnath is a temple town situated in the Gir Somnath district of Gujarat. Also known as Prabhas Patan, it is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in India, and among the must include places in Gujarat tour packages.

The town of Somnath is famous for the Somnath Temple, considered to be one of the most revered and holy shrines in India. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is one among the twelve prominent Jyotirlinga shrines and also one of the oldest places of pilgrimage in Gujarat. The meaning of the word 'Somnath' is the 'Lord of the Moon God', which refers to Lord Shiva as He is known to wear the Moon on his head. Also, Somnath is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna ended his Lila and thereafter for heavenly abode.

Among the best places to visit near Rajkot, the temple town of Somnath is a place where one can rejuvenate spiritually and also relax on the serene seaside. Its spiritual environment is ornamented by the huge number of temples in the area. Besides Somnath Temple, Somnath is also popular for its beaches, museums, and other attractions that one can visit as part of Somnath tour packages. Somnath Beach, Gita Mandir, Bhalka Tirtha, Rudreshwara Temple, Triveni Sangam Temple, Suraj Mandir, Parshuram Temple, Kamnath Mahadev Temple, Junagadh Gate, Somnath Museum, Panch Pandav Gufa are some other places to visit in Somnath.

Diu Airport is the nearest airport which is about 80 km from Somnath and is well connected by flights with Mumbai. Somnath Railway Station has regular trains from Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Jabalpur, Okha, and Porbandar. Veraval Junction Railway station is the nearest major railhead, which has trains from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Indore, and Trivandrum. Somnath Bus Stand is directly connected by bus with cities like Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Diu, Jamnagar, Porbandar, Bhavnagar, Gandhidham, Bhuj, Vadodara, Junagadh, Udaipur, and Surat.

There are many accommodation options in Somnath from temple guest houses to dharmashalas and from budget hotels to luxury hotels. However, Somnath does not have many restaurants or lavish fine dining experiences to offer. There are a few popular eating places around the temple, as well as some local joints and Dhabas.

Somnath Mahadev Fair which is held on Kartik Purnima and Maha Shivaratri are the two major festivals celebrated in Somnath with great pomp and fervor. The temple town witnesses a huge number of tourists from various parts of the country during these festivals.

Being a coastal town, Somnath experiences a humid climate throughout the year. The best time to visit Somnath is from October to March while the peak season is from November to February.

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Other Info
Internet Availability: Average
STD Code: 02876
Languages Spoken: Gujarati, Hindi and English
Major Festivals: Somnath Mahadev Fair & Maha Shivaratri

How to Reach Somnath

By Air

Nearest Airport: Diu - Diu Airport (80 Kms)

By Train

Nearest Train Station: Somnath Railway Station (0 Kms)

By Bus

Nearest Bus Station: Somnath Bus Station (1.5 Kms)

Top 10 Places to Visit in Somnath

#1 of 11 Places to Visit in Somnath

At a distance of 2 km from Somnath Railway Station, Somnath Temple is a Hindu temple situated in Prabhas Patan on the coast of Arabian Sea in Gujarat. It is one of the most important temples in Gujarat for Hindus and among the must include places in Somnath tour.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Somnath Temple is believed to be the first among the twelve jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva. Somnath means 'Lord of the Soma', an epithet of Shiva. According to history scholars, the site of Somnath has been a pilgrimage site from ancient times as it was said to be the confluence point of three rivers, Kapila, Hiran, and the mythical Saraswati. The confluence was called Triveni Sangam and is believed to be the place where Soma, the Moon-god bathed and regained his luster.

According to Puranas, the original temple of Somnath was built in gold by the moon god Soma, in silver by the sun god Ravi, .....

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#2 of 11 Places to Visit in Somnath

At a distance of 1 km from Somnath Temple and 2 km from Somnath Railway Station, Triveni Ghat is a holy place located in the pilgrimage town of Somnath. Situated near Somnath Beach, it is one of the most important holy places in Somnath.

Also known as Triveni Sangam, Triveni Ghat is the meeting place of three rivers Hiran, Kapila and Saraswati and then empties together into the Arabian Sea. These stages of rivers where they meet and then flow together to the sea symbolize human birth, life and death. Triveni Ghat holds a significant place in the Hindu Mythology and Puranas and also finds a mention in the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is believed that a bath at Triveni Sangam can wash off all sins and also facilitate Moksha by merging with the God.

As per Hindu mythology, this is the place visited by Krishna after being hit by an arrow and is considered to be the cremation ground of Lord Krishna. A temple has been dedicated to him to mark the place. This is also the .....

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#3 of 11 Places to Visit in Somnath

At a distance of 2.5 km from Somnath Railway Station, Ahilyabai Temple is a Hindu temple located in Somnath. Situated opposite to the famous Somnath Temple, it is one of the old and beautiful temples in Somnath.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Ahilyabai Temple was built by Maratha queen Ahilyabai Holkar in 17th century. The history of Ahilyabai Temple and Somnath Temple is closely interlinked. It is said that this temple was constructed as a substitute for the main Somnath Temple when it was raided and ravaged by the Muslim rulers. It is also said that the location of the swayambhulinga came in Ahilyabai's dreams post which she started the construction immediately. Many Hindus believe that Ahilyabai Temple contains the original Jyotirling which was hidden here assuming that the original Somnath Temple is going to be raided.

This small, pink painted temple has a Shivling which is below the ground level. Unlike the new Somnath Temple, everybody is allowed to enter the garbagriha and .....

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#4 of 11 Places to Visit in Somnath

At a distance of 4 km from Somnath Temple and 5 km from Somnath Railway Station, Bhalka Tirth or Bhalka Teerth is a significant temple in Somnath. Enroute to Veraval, it is considered as one of the must visit places of pilgrimage in Gujarat and among the popular places to visit in Somnath.

Bhalka Teerth Temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna. It is believed that this was the place where Jara, the hunter, mistakenly shot an arrow at the feet of Lord Krishna, due to which the Lord left his earthly existence for his heavenly abode. According to mythology, Lord Krishna was meditated under a Peepal tree here. Only then, Jara, the poacher mistook the foot of the Lord for that of a deer and shot straight through it. The arrows came in the feet of God and started bleeding. The hunter then realized his mistake and asked for a confession with God. This incident symbolizes Krishna's departure from the earth and was the sign of the end of Dwapara Yuga. The meaning of arrow is known as Bhal, .....

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#5 of 11 Places to Visit in Somnath

At a distance of 1 km from Somnath Temple and 2 km from Somnath Railway Station, Shri Ram Temple is a Hindu temple built near Triveni Sangam Ghat in the temple town of Somnath. It is one of the splendid temples to visit in Somnath.

Shri Ram Mandir is dedicated to Lord Rama. The temple was built by Shree Somnath Trust in 2017. The temple is the newest addition to the array of religious places in and around Somnath. The temple is graceful and the sanctum has artistic idols of Lord Rama, Sita Devi and Lord Lakshmana. There are also two mini shrines dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesh beside the sanctum. All the idols are made of marble.

Built from Bansi Pahanpul pink stone, the mandir has two floors. It has auditorium and kirtan hall on the ground floor. It has also a theater with 260-280 chairs in which the life of Shri Ram will be presented on large screen. The gate of this temple is in shape of Shri Ram's dhanushya. One can get a glimpse of Somnath temple, Somnath coast, .....

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#6 of 11 Places to Visit in Somnath

At a distance of 2 km from Somnath Railway Station, Prabhas Patan Museum is an archeological museum located near Somnath Temple in Prabhas Patan, Gujarat. Maintained by the Government of Gujarat, it is one of the most popular museums in Gujarat and among the must-visit places in Somnath.

Prabhas Patan Museum, Gujarat was established in 1951. There are nearly 3500 objects exhibited in 3 major categories. They include objects of art and archaeology and few specimens of natural history. Famous for stone sculptures and stone inscriptions, the museum showcases different artifacts from history like sculptures and carved stones, which are reminiscent pieces of some earlier temples. One can also see inscriptions, five domes, 12th-century toranas, sacred waters of several rivers, huge pillars, 11th-century statues of Lord Agni, Uma Maheshwara, Lord Vishnu, Parvati, and Natya Bhairava here during your Somnath tour packages.

The .....

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#7 of 11 Places to Visit in Somnath

At a distance of 750 m from Somnath Temple and 1.5 km from Somnath Railway Station, Somnath Beach is a serene beach situated near the Somnath Temple in the town of Somnath. On the coast of the Arabian Sea, it is one of the famous beaches in Gujarat, and among the popular Somnath tourist places.

Somnath Beach is known for its sparkling waves, clear waters, and long stretches of fine sand. The view of the beach is spectacular, especially during sunrise and sunset. The place is crowded by devotees who visit the pristine beach of Somnath to spend some time in solitude in the embrace of nature as part of Somnath holiday packages. The entire stretch of Somnath Beach is without any trace of shade but tourists don't generally get bothered by the sun because of the cool breeze that blows across the beach.

Somnath .....

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#8 of 11 Places to Visit in Somnath

At a distance of 1.5 km from Somnath Temple and 2 km from Somnath Railway Station, Panch Pandav Gufa is a pilgrimage place located in Somnath. Situated near Triveni Sangam Ghat, it is one of holy and interesting places to visit in Somnath.

Also known as Hinglaj Mata Mandir, Panch Pandava Gufa in Somnath was discovered by the late Baba Narayandas in the year 1949. According to Mythological tales, it is believed that Pandavas worshipped Maa Hingalaj here, during their exile. The cave has a temple dedicated to Pandava brothers. There are also shrines in honour of Shiva, Sita Ma, Ram-Laxman, Lord Hanuman and Goddess Durga.

The entrance to the cave is very narrow and low. Children will find it easy to climb down the steps. However, adults need to bend down and literally crawl down the steps. It is somewhat difficult to aged ones and heavy body people to enter due to steep & suffocated entrance. Along with this, one can also visit Surya Mandir and Kamnath Mahadev Mandir nearby.

Timings: .....

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#9 of 11 Places to Visit in Somnath

At a distance of 2 km from Somnath Temple and 2.5 km from Somnath Railway Station, Gita Mandir is a Hindu temple located on the banks of Triveni Sangam in the holy town of Somnath, Gujarat. Also known as Birla Mandir, it is one of the most popular pilgrimage spot in Somnath.

Dedicated to Lord Shri Krishna, the current structure of Gita Mandir was built in the year of 1970 by Birla Group. As per mythology, Gita Mandir is situated at the very exact spot where Lord Sri Krishna took rest after his walk from Bhalka Theerth to Triveni Theerth, before his journey to Neej Dham at Dehotsarg. This incident happened after he was hit by an arrow, towards the end of Dwapara Yuga and Lord Krishna proceeded to heaven from this place.

Known for its wonderful architecture carved out of white marbles, the Gita Mandir enshrines the idol of Lord Krishna in its sanctum. The presiding deity is flanked by two idols of Lord Laxminarayan and Lord Sita-Ram. The footprint of Lord Shri Krishna is carved .....

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#10 of 11 Places to Visit in Somnath

At a distance of 2 km from Somnath Railway Station, Kamnath Mahadev Temple is an ancient Hindu temple situated close to Triveni Sangam Ghat in Somnath town of Gujarat. Situated opposite to Panch Pandav Gufa, it is one of the significant temples in Somnath and among the must include places in Somnath Packages.

Kamnath Mahadev Temple is a massive temple complex constructed 200 years ago by King Mayurdhwaj. A huge temple of the main deity, Kamnath, occupies the center surrounded by many small structures. There are two huge water bodies inside the periphery, a holy pond known as Dudhiyu Talav and a bathing pool called as 'Mahadev no Kund'. It is widely believed that King Mayurdhwaj recovered from leprosy after bathing in Dudhiyu Talav and hence many devotees come to take a dip in this pond.

Dedicated to Lord Mahadev, this temple is also the seat of Shri Sharada Peetam of Sri Adi Shankara. Within the temple complex one can also see the temple of Maa Sharada and a long, narrow .....

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