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Distance (From Sringeri): 42 Kms

Commonly Visited From: Sringeri

Trip Duration (From Sringeri, Including Travel): 4 Hours/Half Day

Transportation Options: Bus / Cab

Travel Tips: None

At a distance of 1 km from Horanadu Bus Stand, 42 km from Sringeri, 70 km from Chikmagalur & 29 km from Kudremukh, Horanadu Annapoorneswari Temple is a famous temple situated in the thick forests of the Western Ghats in Chikmagalur District of Karnataka.

Sri Annapoorneswari Temple is situated on the banks of River Bhadra and is also known as Sri Kshethra Horanadu. It is believed that this temple was established by Agasthya Maharishi. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Annapoorneswari, one of the incarnations of Goddess Durga. A new idol of the main deity was installed at the temple in 1973. The idol, made of gold, is beautifully made. The temple is now known as Adi Shaktyatmaka Sri Annapoorneswari Temple. The recently renovated sanctum of the temple is surrounded by Adi Sesha while the Padma Peetha is formed by Ashtagaja, Koorma and others.

The main idol of goddess is made of gold. The Goddess Annapoorneswari is seen standing on a peetha with four hands, each holding a Shanka, Chakra, Sri Chakra and Gayathri Mantra. The name Annapoorneswari means feeding one and all. It is believed that a person who seeks Annapoorneswari's blessing will never face shortage of food in life. It is believed that Lord Shiva once had a curse and that this curse was reversed when the lord visited Goddess Annapoorna and sought her blessings. All who visit this temple are provided with free breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sri Annapoorna Sadhana and Baktha Nivas Lodge run by the temple administration provided accommodation to the pilgrims. Male devotes have to remove their shirts to enter into the central sanctum.

Navaratri and Maharathostava are the important festivals celebrated at this temple. Large number of pilgrims throngs to this temple on this auspicious occasion.

Puja Timings: 6:30 AM - 9 AM, 11 AM - 2 PM & 7 - 9:30 PM.

Temple Timings: 6:30 AM to 2 PM and 7 PM to 9.30 PM.


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