Ahukhana - History, Timings & Entry Fee


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Distance (From Burhanpur Railway Station): 13 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1 Hour

Place Location: Near Jaisinghpura

Transportation Options: Cab

Travel Tips: None

At a distance of 13 km from Burhanpur Railway Station, Ahukhana is an ancient monument located in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh. Situated on the banks of River Tapti, it is one of the best sightseeing places in Burhanpur.

The grandeur of the Taj Mahal and the love of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and empress Mumtaz Mahal are well-known throughout the world. This white marble mausoleum attracts seven to eight million people each year. However, barely any tourist knows that it is not the original place where the mortal remains of Mumtaz Mahal, the most beloved queen of Emperor Shah Jahan, were kept. History has it that towards the south-west of Agra, in the slow-paced town of Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh, is located the original mausoleum of Mumtaz, the beloved wife of Shah Jahan.

During the Deccan campaign, Shah Jahan had shifted base from Delhi to Burhanpur. He settled down at the Shahi Quila close to the Tapti River in Burhanpur sometime in the late 1620s. The Ahukhana was built in the 16th century as a deer park for Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The garden sprawled over six miles, with two main structures, a small palace adorned with traceries, and a pillared pavilion known as the baradari. On the north, there is a tank in which a raised platform was constructed. The area is enclosed by a compound wall and a big garden.

As per the historians, on her deathbed, after giving birth to her last child, Mumtaz reminded her heartbroken husband of their long-lasting love and requested him to never remarry. She also expressed her wish for a paradisiacal mausoleum to be built after her death. Apparently, the untimely departure of his most beloved wife left Shah Jahan gloomy and depressed for two years. The mortal remains were kept at the Ahukhana for six months after her demise. Later, the dead body of Mumtaz Mahal was kept in a garden on the shore of Yamuna River for about 22 years till the completion of the Taj Mahal in 1653 AD.

Although in its heydays, the Akhukhana was a vibrant retreat for the royal Mughals, all that remains today is a neglected site overgrown with wild grass.

Timings: 9 AM - 6 PM

Entry: Free