Gangotri National Park

Adventure / Trekking | Wildlife

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Distance (From Gangotri): 1.5 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 3-4 Days

Transportation Options: Walk/Trek

Travel Tips: None

At a distance of 1.5 km by trek from Gangotri, Gangotri National Park is a national park situated in the upper catchment of Bhagirathi River in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The Park falls under the bio-geographical zone and is situated at an altitude of 1800 m to 7083 m. It is one of the most beautiful high-altitude wildlife sanctuaries in India apart from being one of the best areas for trekking in Uttarakhand.

Gangotri National Park was established in 1989 and it covers an area of 2390 sq. km. The northeastern boundary of Gangotri National Park is along the international boundary with China and has various springs, waterfalls and snowy mountain peaks. The river Bhagirathi flows through the valleys inside the park, providing it the nourishment for sustaining the innumerable bird and animal species in this region. The landscape of the park is mainly dominated by alpine scrub, oak and betula.

The origin of Ganga River, known as Gaumukh, is located inside Gangotri National Park. The enchanting beauty of the area is dominated by the snow clad mountains, eye catching springs and tall dense green forests. Gangotri National Park has typical high altitude ecosystem influenced by the trans-Himalayan elements. The area enclosed by the park also borders with Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary and Govind National Park.

The park contains more than 15 species of mammals and 150 species of birds. This also includes some of the rare and beautiful species like the Snow Leopard, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Musk Deer, Blue Sheep or Bharal, Himalayan Tahr, Himalayan Monal, Koklass and the Himalayan Snowcock. It is also home to the Ibex, Himalayan Barbet, Tiger, Tahr, Serow, Pheasants, Partridges, Doves, Pigeons, Parakeet, Bulbul, etc.

The best way to explore the Gangotri National Park is by trek. There are several trekking trails available within the Park.
Gaumukh - 19 km (3 days)
Tapovan - 23 km (4 days)
Nandanvan - 27 km (4 days)
Kedartal - 17 km (2-3 days)

The best time to visit Gangotri National Park is from May to October but escaping monsoon months is recommended. Gangotri National Park remains closed during winter because of heavy snow fall. Visitors need get the permit from District Forest Officer (DFO) Uttarkashi or DFO Gangotri before going to the Park. One can submit the obtained permit at the Forest Check Post, which is about 1.5 km from Gangotri.

Entry Fee: Rs.150 per person for one day, Rs.500 for Video.