Science City

Museum / Gallery

Photo Credit: Flickr

Distance (From Kolkata Railway Station): 12 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1-2 Hours

Place Location: At Topsia Locality

Transportation Options: Bus / Cab / Auto

Travel Tips: None

At a distance of 12 km from Kolkata Railway Station, Science City is a science center located in Kolkata city of West Bengal. Situated at the crossing of Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and JBS Haldane Avenue, it is the biggest science center in India and among the major Kolkata Tourist Places.

One of its kind in India, the Science City, Kolkata is a unit of the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It was opened on 1st July 1997 as a major attraction for the residents' of Kolkata as well as for the national and international visitors to the metropolis. Among the largest and finest in the world, it is presenting science and technology in a stimulating and engaging environment that is truly educational and enjoyable for the people of all ages.
Sprawling in 50 acres, Science City boasts of two facilities, the Science Centre and the Convention Centre. The Science Centre features several galleries and halls, each of which educates visitors about both heard and unheard scientific principles. Dynamotion Hall, Earth Exploration Hall, Maritime Centre, Evolution Park, and Space Odyssey are important galleries of Science City. Within Dynamotion Hall, there are four sections - Illusions, Fresh Water Aquarium, Live Butterfly Enclave and Powers of Ten (43 exhibits of the universe). Earth Exploration Hall is a two-storey building that holds a permanent exhibition which displays the intriguing details about Earth's southern and northern hemisphere. In Maritime Centre, the maritime history of India is thoughtfully depicted. Many unique artifacts, dioramas and interactive exhibits related to shipping and navigation systems are showcased here.

The Space Odyssey houses Space Theatre, Time Machine, 3D Theatre, variety of exhibits on Space science, Spinning platform, Van-de-graff generator, Mirror Magic and interactive multimedia kiosk on Solar System. The Space Theatre consists of Helios Star Ball planetarium which is given support by 150 special effect projectors and a large format film projection system present in a 23-meter diameter dome with seating arrangements which can accommodate as many as 360 people shows on sciences. The 40-minute duration Atrovision film named 'Adventures in Wild California' is screening since June 2013.

Evolution Park provides a welcoming environment where you can learn about plants, animals and other objects in the natural surroundings. Another interesting fact about the exhibits showcased here is that they have been engineered in such a way that they can tolerate any weather. Science Park is also considered as a vital part of all the centers of NCSM and consists of numerous exhibits including monorail cycle, butterfly nurse, musical fountain, gravity coaster, road train, cable cars and a live maze surrounded by greenery all over.

The Convention Centre complex comprises the Main Auditorium of 2232 seating capacity, one Mini Auditorium of 392 seating capacity and a Seminar hall complex consisting of 11 halls ranging from 15 to 100 seating capacity, and an open-air exhibition ground. The auditoria's and the seminar halls are fully air-conditioned. The Convention Centre of Science City is a major destination in the city of Kolkata for conventions, conferences, AGMs, trade exhibitions and cultural programs.

Timings: 9 AM - 8 PM, Closed on Holi

Entry Fee: Rs. 50 per Person, Rs. 40 for Evolution of Life - A Dark Ride, Rs. 60 for Human Evolution, Rs. 30 for Science on Sphere, Rs. 30 for 3D Theatre, Rs 20 for Road Train & Rs. 40 for Cable Car