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Tada Falls / Ubbalamadugu Falls

Adventure / Trekking | Waterfall

Photo Credit: Flickr

Distance (From Srikalahasti): 45 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): Full Day

Transportation Options: Bus / Cab / + Walk/Trek

Travel Tips: Last ATM point, snacks/ water purchasing shops are at Tada town. There are frequent buses and auto to Varadaiahpalem from Tada.

At a distance of 29 km from Tada, 45 km from Srikalahasti, 85 km from Tirupati, 92 km from Chennai, 130 km from Nellore and 156 km from Chittoor, Tada falls or Ubbalamadugu Falls is situated in Varadaiahpalem mandal of Chittoor district. It is situated on the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and is an ideal place for trekking near Chennai for a day trip.

The falls are located in a dense forest called Siddulaiah Kona. The falls are located within the Kambakam hills and are a popular destination for trekking, climbing and picnicking. The terrain that surrounds the falls includes rocky hill formations and lush forests interspersed with a number of streams.

To reach the falls visitors have go through the Varadaiahpalem village, about 12 km from Tada falls. There is only 7 km rugged path and the remaining distance has to be trekked through. SUVs or vehicles with high ground clearance are best suited to reach the trekking starting point. Autos can also be hired from Varadaiahpalem village to the trekking starting point. There is a forest check post on the way where visitors need to pay Rs 50 per vehicle and Rs 50 for camera. There is limited guidance in the form of arrow marks and it is advisable to hire a villager as guide in Varadaiahpalem village. The total trek distance would be about 10 km both ways, which is somewhat difficult and advisable only for physically fit people.

As soon as you enter the forest you need to cross one small bridge. One can witness the crystal clear water throughout the journey. Initial trek for about 1.5 km is easy and there is a stream beside Shiva temple on the way to the falls. The path to the falls runs beside the stream. Visitors encounter the first tier of the falls which is a beautiful place amidst thick forest and rocky formations with a pool of water. The second tier of the falls is more beautiful amidst serene location, but it demands tough trek through steep boulders.

Last ATM point, snacks/ water purchasing shops are at Tada town. There are frequent buses and auto to Varadaiahpalem from Tada.

Best season to visit Tada falls is post monsoon season that is from October to January.

This trek can't be done with children and elder persons.

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