Best Season to Visit Vizag

November to February is Best Season to Visit Vizag

Vizag can be visited at any time throughout the year, however, the Winter season from November to February is the best time to visit Vizag to explore the city and its beautiful beaches. Winter experiences fairly pleasant in this region and the temperature is comfortable for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Better to avoid visiting Vizag in Monsoon and Summer seasons. Monsoon season receives regular heavy rainfall. Summer in Vizag can be scorching heat and is not suitable for sightseeing and other beach activities.

Peak Season in Vizag

November to February is Peak Season in Vizag

Visakha Utsav (around December) and new year time are the peak tourist seasons in Vizag. Visakha Utsav is 3 day long tourism carnival which is held in December every year. This is the time the city is in a festive mood, hotel and activity prices are high during this season with a large number of travelers. New Year time is also the busiest season in Vizag and attracts a considerable number of tourists to this beach destination to celebrate their new year's eve.

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