Best Season to Visit Chennai

October to February is Best Season to Visit Chennai

Chennai, the cultural capital of India can be visited throughout the year, but winter is the best time to visit Chennai, begin in October and last till February. Winter is the perfect time to visit the metropolitan city and its beautiful beaches. The weather remains cool and pleasant which is perfect time for sightseeing. Winter season is also famous for many festivals in the city like Dance and Music Festival in December, Travel & Tourism Fair and Pongal in January. Also, Visiting Chennai during these events experience a festive mood and a memorable trip.

Peak Season in Chennai

November to January is Peak Season in Chennai

December and January are the busiest seasons in Chennai. New Year time and Pongal attracts a large number of tourists and hotel prices are also climb up during this season. Travel and Tourism fair also attracts considerable number of tourists and travel organizations to participate in the event.

Chennai Weather

Minimum Temperature in Chennai


Maximum Temperature in Chennai


Present Temperature in Chennai

Winter (October - February):

Chennai constitutes of winter from October to February. This is the best time to visit Chennai. This is the time of festivals like Pongal and also some dance festivals. This is the prime attraction during winter. The temperature rises to 25°C at this time. Ideologically this is the best time to visit here.

Summer (March - May):


These are the hottest and humid months. During summer sometimes it will rise above 40°C.’Marina Beach is the prime place to do outdoor activities in summer. Too many travelers are arriving at Marina to get some relief from the hottest weather. At night time fresh and cool air will be produced from the ocean wind. Summers can offer best deals with hotels and travelers.

Monsoon (June - September):


During monsoon Chennai will be accompanied by heavy rainfall and wind from the sea. But heavy rainfalls occur only some of the periods in monsoon. So the climate will be cool and the city would wash with its splendor. You can experience a different Chennai during this time. The temperature does not rise more than 30°C in the time of monsoon. This is an ideal time to explore Chennai.