Best Season to Visit Gurgaon

September to December is Best Season to Visit Gurgaon

Peak Season in Gurgaon

October to November is Peak Season in Gurgaon

Gurgaon Weather

Minimum Temperature in Gurgaon


Maximum Temperature in Gurgaon


Present Temperature in Gurgaon

Winter Season:

Lots of tourists arrive here in the chilly season. The temperature gets down to 10°C. The pleasant and warm weather condition attracts travelers all around the world. January experience the dense fogs, this may be difficult for a tourist to explore this region. Except for these dense fogs, the region is the perfect destination for winter holidays. Winter lasts here till March begins from October.

Summer Season:

Gurgaon experiences the harsh season during summer in the months from March to June. The temperature used to rise up to 40°C at this time.  The place attracts travelers here during summer leading the falls in hotel cost and all. Summers are not a recommended time to explore this region due to the hot and dry condition of the weather.

Monsoon Season:

Monsoon has a pleasant and warm weather condition in this area. The temperature holds a range of 20°C during monsoon. The region receives average showers in the period of monsoon that starts from July to September end So that you can explore Gurgaon with its scenic beauty. The city receives an average amount of rain falls like 797.3 mm in monsoon. Apparently monsoon considered the offseason here, so travelers can make good deals with hotels and packages. Monsoon passes through this region from July to September.