Best Season to Visit Vrindavan

August to March is Best Season to Visit Vrindavan

Peak Season in Vrindavan

August to September & March is Peak Season in Vrindavan

Vrindavan Weather

Minimum Temperature in Vrindavan


Maximum Temperature in Vrindavan


Present Temperature in Vrindavan

Winter Season:

Winter is probably the most awaited season of all. The winter months in Vrindavan slowly creep in by the beginning of October and go all the way up to February and it can extend till March. The temperature in winter sinks down to 9C. This season has a beautiful charm with misty days and cold nights. This is the peak tourism season and the best time to visit the town as the weather remains pleasant and ideal for sightseeing. If you want to enjoy the festival of Holi in Vrindavan you can plan your trip during this season.

Summer Season:

March to June marks the summer season of Vrindavan. Summer temperature in Vrindavan can go to a maximum of 45C and a minimum of 30C. This coupled with the end-of-academic year holidays makes summer the most popular season. For those seeking to travel on a smaller budget, this is the right time to get heavy discounts on hotels.

Monsoon Season:

July to September is monsoon season in Vrindavan. The climate remains wet throughout as the town receives around 600mm average rainfall. Monsoon brings cool winds and makes sightseeing pleasant and tourists can wander due to the cool climate. Tourists travel to Vrindavan during this season to be a part of Krishna Janmashtmi.