Best Season to Visit Bhuj

October to February is Best Season to Visit Bhuj

Winter season from October to February is the best time to visit Bhuj and its nearby places. During the winter season, the weather remains pleasant and perfect time for sightseeing in the town. This is also the time for the most famous and very popular festival celebrated in Bhuj is the Rann Utsav also called as Desert Utsav which held every year in February/March. Monsoon is also a good season to visit Bhuj but the frequent rains can spoil your sightseeing plans. Better to avoid visiting Bhuj in the Summer season because it is quite hot.

Peak Season in Bhuj

November to February is Peak Season in Bhuj

Rann Utsav (around Feb/Mar) is the peak tourist season in Bhuj and attracts a large number of tourists to this region. Hotel prices and activity prices are also very high during this region and advance booking at least a month ahead is suggestable.

Bhuj Weather

Minimum Temperature in Bhuj


Maximum Temperature in Bhuj


Present Temperature in Bhuj

Winter Season:

This is the best time to visit Bhuj. Winter lasts here from October to February. The weather will be pleasant and the Rann festival occurs in this season. Rann festival is the prime attraction for the tourists during winter and this is celebrated in Kutch. The temperature condition turns up to 15C to 27C during the winter. Winter is the best time to explore Bhuj.

Summer Season:

Summers are hot and dry weather in Bhuj. Summer lasts till May from March. The temperature goes up to 40C during winter. Probably this is not good weather and off-season in Bhuj. Due to the off-season, you can make better deals with the packages. All the places will not have much crowd, so you can explore the places without any crowd.

Monsoon Season:

Monsoon approaching this region in the month of June, and it lasts till August. The temperature used to decrease during monsoon. Bhuj receives frequent rainfalls during this season. The weather will be pleasant and soothing, so this might be a good time to visit here. Frequent rainfalls may affect your sightseeing and outdoor activities.