Best Season to Visit Tadoba National Park

November to May is Best Season to Visit Tadoba National Park

Winter and Summer season from November to May is the best time to visit Tadoba National Park. The park is open for visitors from 15th October to 30th June every year and remains full-day closed on every Tuesday. Post monsoon from October to November is the best season to enjoy the lush green forest filled with flowers. During Winter the weather becomes quite warm and pleasant which is perfect for sightseeing. Summer is the best time to spot the Royal Bengal Tiger near water holes.

Peak Season in Tadoba National Park

April to June is Peak Season in Tadoba National Park

Summer season from April to June is the peak tourist season in Tadoba National Park and the entire park is crowded with a large number of tourists.

Tadoba National Park Weather

Minimum Temperature in Tadoba National Park


Maximum Temperature in Tadoba National Park


Present Temperature in Tadoba National Park

Winter Season (October - February):

In winter the temperature fluctuates between 23°C to 30°C. The weather is extremely pleasing and charming as the whole place looks covered with the mist. There might be occasional rains from the northeast monsoon that delight the animals and tourists alike. Winter is the right time to watch those amazing birds, like the Peregrine Falcon, Warblers and Flycatchers, that migrate into the wetlands of Tadoba National Park. The 200 bird species found in Tadoba are every bird watcher’s dreams come true! This is your best chance to spot migratory birds.

Summer Season (March - June):

The temperature during this period varies between 32°C to 45°C. The weather is warm during the day and gets unbearable in the afternoons. However, you wouldn't be disappointed if you ever step out, as you can spot many animals and birds. You can find a variety of animals can be seen around the national park, mostly near water bodies and birds perched in the shades of the trees, make sure that you plan to explore the national park by indulging in a safari ride either early on the morning of on the evening. This is one of the best times to spot the Royal Bengal Tiger in Tadoba, lounging by the lakes or prowling amongst the shrubs. Visibility is excellent, and the sky is a clear, striking blue. Remember to take a bottle of water to stay hydrated during your safari, as drinking water may not be readily available. Wear cotton and light linens to beat the heat.

Monsoon Season (July - September):

During this season Tadoba receives heavy rainfall that brings with it cool and sometimes harsh winds. The weather during this time period is pleasant with a tad bit of humidity in the air making the sky look extremely beautiful and magical. Tadoba National Park comes under Chandrapur district. The average rainfall in Chandrapur is about 1280mm. The main zones of the park are closed between July and September in keeping with the heavy rains.