Best Season to Visit Gir National Park

October to June is Best Season to Visit Gir National Park

Winter and Summer are the best time to visit Gir National park. The park remains open every year from mid-October to mid-June and closed during the monsoon season from July to September. Winter is the perfect time to visit Gir for a family vacation. This is also the time the weather is pleasant and the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. The park remains lush greenery and is the best time to participate in various activities. Though summer is also a good season to visit Gir, it usually too hot in the day time and cool in the evenings. Summer is the ideal time for wildlife photography and wildlife viewing.

Peak Season in Gir National Park

December to March is Peak Season in Gir National Park

December to March is the peak season in Gir National Park. This is the tourist season in Gujarat and attracts a large number of tourists to Gir National Park. Hotels prices and activity prices are usually very expensive during this season. Summer is also the busiest season in Gir National Park and attracts a considerable number of travelers to spend summer vacation.

Gir National Park Weather

Minimum Temperature in Gir National Park


Maximum Temperature in Gir National Park


Present Temperature in Gir National Park

Winter Season:

Winter is the best time to visit here. The place will be surrounded by varieties of animals and birds. The temperature will become down around 10░C and rise up to 25░C during this time. And also this is a great time to do safari throughout the jungle and spot many kind of animals and migrating birds. While coming to this magnificent national park take your warm clothes to make you comfortable.

Summer Season:

Summers start in the month of April and continue till June. This consideredáthe hottest time in Gir national park. The temperature goes up to 42░C during this time. And during this time it is a tedious task to find animals and safari here. Better to avoid your plans to here during summer.

Monsoon Season:

The monsoon begins here in the month of June and continuous till October. And this is not a great time to explore here. Due to the heavy rainfalls, the park will be closed from June 15 to October 15. During this time it will be difficult to find safaris here. However, the scenic beauty of the place is exceptionally mesmerizing during this time of the year, but the rain will definitely hinder your experience in spotting animals and birds, and you might also not be able to indulge in a safari ride to explore the National Park.

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