Best Season to Visit Nagarhole National Park

March to June is Best Season to Visit Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is open for the public throughout the year but the best time to visit Nagarhole National Park from November to June to explore the beauty of the National Park. Summer in Nagarhole is usually dry and the animals come out to visit the lake. The park is usually closed for safaris during peak monsoon. Safaris are organized in the forest department vans during morning and evening. Boat trips are conducted from the Kabini River Lodge, which are good options to explore the animals.

Peak Season in Nagarhole National Park

October & December to January & May to June is Peak Season in Nagarhole National Park

Dasara Season (around October), new year time and summer are the peak seasons in Nagarhole National Park. Most of the tourists planning a visit to the Mysore Dasara festival usually mix Coorg or Nagarhole in their trip and the region attracts a large number of tourists during this time. New year time also attracts a number of travelers and hotel prices and activity prices are high during this season. Summer is the busiest season in Nagarhole and most of the people visiting Coorg can also visit Nagarhole National Park to spend their summer vacation.

Nagarhole National Park Weather

Minimum Temperature in Nagarhole National Park


Maximum Temperature in Nagarhole National Park


Present Temperature in Nagarhole National Park

Winter Season (November-January):

Nagarhole welcomes the chilling weather of winters. Thetemperature scales between 10?-14?, Days are reasonably warm during winter, while nights could be cold. But this is the best time for jungle safaris, outdoor activities, and wildlife photography. The Winter season is dominated by pleasant temperatures. Days are comfortably warm and nights are cold. The pleasant weather conditions make it an ideal time for tourists to enjoy sightseeing and planning fun filled outings.


Summer Season (March-May):

The maximum temperature during this period does notexceed 33?. Summersstart to hit Nagarhole at the beginning of March, yet the temperature remains within a comfortable range. It is the time when you can see flocks of animals moving around in the sanctuary. Nagarhole experiences extreme summers in May. Clear skies dominate the region in this month, which is accompanied by hot and humid weather making the need for sun protection gears an absolute necessity. Light cotton clothing is recommended.


Monsoon Season (June-September):

Nagarhole receives an annual rainfall of about 1,500mm from June to September. With the number of trees and streams, there’s bound to be incessant rains that might make travel across the forests a little hard. Safaris might get canceled due to the rains. Otherwise, Nagarhole Park during the monsoon is luxuriantly lush and is one of the next best seasons to visit the park.

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