Situated on the banks of the Panchganga River, Kolhapur is a beautiful city famed for its religious and historical sites. It is one of the popular places of pilgrimage in India. The famous Mahalakshmi Temple is situated here, one among the most popular places to visit in Maharashtra. Temblai Temple, Bhavani Mandap, New Palace Museum, Jyotiba Temple, Sri Binkhambi Ganesh Mandir, Rankala Lake, Kopeshwar Temple, Panhala Fort, Shalini Palace, Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum, and Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary are among the most prominent Kolhapur tourist places. Besides, Kolhapur is known worldwide for its Kolhapuri chappals, Kolhapuri jewellery, and Kolhapuri Cuisine. It is also a hub of aspiring wrestlers as it boasts some of the best training centers in the country.

Satara, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Goa, and Pune are also close to Kolhapur and 3-4 day trips can be planned to visit Kolhapur along with these places.

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