Best Season to Visit Kedarnath

May to October is Best Season to Visit Kedarnath

Peak Season in Kedarnath

May to June & September to October is Peak Season in Kedarnath

Kedarnath Weather

Minimum Temperature in Kedarnath


Maximum Temperature in Kedarnath


Present Temperature in Kedarnath

Winter Season:

The winter months in Kedarnath slowly creep in by the beginning of November and go all the way up to April. The temperature in winter sinks down below sub-zero levels with heavy rainfalls. Kedarnath receives heavy snowfall during this season, so it makes it inaccessible to reach Kedarnath. Many people leave town before the start of winter as the complete town is covered with snow, making it a ghost town. The heavy snowfall covers each and every part of the town. Kedarnath Temple, the main attraction of Kedarnath also remains shut during this time of the year.

Summer Season:

May to June marks the summer season of Kedarnath. This is the peak tourism season and the best time to visit the town as the weather remains pleasant and ideal for sightseeing. The summer temperature in Kedarnath is usually around 17°C. Tourists visiting this time of the year visit various temples for different gods. They can even enjoy the beauty of Kedarnath by visiting some sightseeing places. Travelers who love trekking can also enjoy doing treks which are scattered around the town.

Monsoon Season:

From July to the mid of September mark the monsoon season in Kedarnath. The climate remains wet throughout as the town receives around 1278mm average rainfall. Kedarnath receives heavy rainfall in the monsoon and occasional landslides occur which makes it a less ideal time to visit Kedarnath. The temperature in monsoon remains steady at an average of 12°C. Considering the 2003 flood, it is considered as the flood-prone region hence the temple is shut down during monsoon. From mid of September till November Kedarnath’s weather is ideal for sightseeing and hence it is the peak season for visiting this town.