Best Season to Visit Dwarka

October to March is Best Season to Visit Dwarka

Dwarka can be visited all round the year but Winter from October to March is the ideal time to visit Dwarka when the city experiences cold winters. Winter remains pleasant and the temperature is perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities without much heat. If you specifically want to participate in the grand festivities of the Janmashtami festival, visiting the town during August and September will be eventful. The entire city comes alive during this time and thousands of people travel to Dwarka to visit the temple and participate in the fair.

Peak Season in Dwarka

November to February is Peak Season in Dwarka

Janmashtami time (around August/September) is the peak season in Dwarka. Janmashtami is a major festival celebrated in Dwarka with great vigor and fervor. Most of the people visit this sacred place to celebrate the Janmashtami Festival and the city remains overcrowded by visitors from all over the country to pay a visit to this place.

Dwarka Weather

Minimum Temperature in Dwarka


Maximum Temperature in Dwarka


Present Temperature in Dwarka

Winter Season:

There is not a winter season in Dwaraka. The weather remains pleasant and warm throughout the year. Temperature holds between 9°C to 34°C during this time. This is the best time to explore here as your summer vacation. November is the peak time for the Dwarakdeesh pilgrimage trip. The charming weather will be comfortable for the traveler who seeks to visit temple.

Summer Season:

The month of March is considered as the beginning of summer here. Apparently the days will be heat and the nights remain cool and warm. If you have a plan to visit here during summer keep light cotton cloths with you to get relief from the hot. Temperature goes up to 34°C to 42°C during this time. April is considered as the hottest month of Dwaraka. And this is not a recommended time for some travelers those who are suffering from health issues.

Monsoon Season:

The monsoon starts at the end of June and continuous till October. Dwaraka receives a substantial amount of rain falls with medium showers. Dwaraka looks fantastic during this time. The holy region will explore its splendor of Green. You can be a part of chilly nights and pleasant days. The temperature holds a range of 27°C to 35°C. This is an ideal time to explore here as a pilgrimage center.

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