Best Season to Visit Jamnagar

October to February is Best Season to Visit Jamnagar

Winter season from October to February is the best time to visit Jamnagar to explore its exquisite Rajput architecture and pristine coastline. The weather remains cool and pleasant which is perfect for sightseeing in the town and nearby destinations. Better to avoid visiting Jamnagar during the summer season because it is extremely hot and humid. The monsoon season lasts from July to September, usually heavy rainfall spoils your sightseeing plans.

Peak Season in Jamnagar

November to February is Peak Season in Jamnagar

Navratri (around October) and Deepawali are the busiest seasons in Jamnagar. Navratri attracts a large number of tourists to Jamnagar from various parts of the world. Deepawali also attracts a considerable number of travelers and hotel prices are very expensive during this season and advance booking at least a month is suggestable.

Jamnagar Weather

Minimum Temperature in Jamnagar


Maximum Temperature in Jamnagar


Present Temperature in Jamnagar

Winter Season:

Winter arrives here in the month of March and it lasts till June. The weather makes you feel free and pleasant. This is the best time to be here and explore the pilgrimage of Jamnagar and Marie National Park. The temperature ranges between 12C to 32C during this time. Jamnagar has a favorable and pleasant weather condition. The days will be mild and nights are cool, so that keep some woolen clothes to avoid difficulties.

Summer Season:

If you planning to visit here during summer try to include the places not far from the city. Because summer starts at the end of March and lasts till June. Hot and humidity of this place start to decrease in the month of April, and this not a weather condition to be here as a traveler. The temperature goes up to 40C during this time.

Monsoon Season:

South-west monsoon arrives here in the month of June. And the region receives decent rainfalls as 630mm during this time. The temperature holds a range of 22C to 32C. The place is a little humid during this time and not much as summer. So you can find out more sights at this time and make your great time here.