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Best Season to Visit Thanjavur

November to March is Best Season to Visit Thanjavur

The winter season between November to March is the best time to visit Thanjavur to explore its rich historical heritage sites. The temperature remains pleasant and is an ideal time for sightseeing in the city. Monsoon receives less rainfall in Thanjavur and it is a good time to visit famous heritage monuments, forts and temples. Summer season experiences very hot and humid, better to avoid visiting Thanjavur during the summer season.

Peak Season in Thanjavur

November to March & May to June is Peak Season in Thanjavur

December to January is the busiest season in Thanjavur. December attracts a considerable number of tourists to this region and hotel prices and activity prices are very expensive due to the large influx of travelers.

Thanjavur Weather

Minimum Temperature in Thanjavur


Maximum Temperature in Thanjavur


Current Temperature in Thanjavur