Best Season to Visit Dawki

November to May is Best Season to Visit Dawki

Dawki can be visited all throughout the year but the best time to visit Dawki is Winter and summer seasons from November to May to explore its immense natural beauty. This is the time the weather remains more pleasant and comfortable for sightseeing. Monsoon receives heavy rainfall in Dawki and it is advisable to avoid a visit to Dawki during peak monsoon season because that excessive rainfall might cause landslides and road blockages.

Peak Season in Dawki

February to April is Peak Season in Dawki

February to April is the busiest season in Dawki and attracts a huge number of tourists to this region. There are few guest houses and camping sites available at Dawki for the tourists. However, Shillong should be the preferred location for accommodation as it is a major tourist center with many suitable options for all budgets.

Dawki Weather

Minimum Temperature in Dawki


Maximum Temperature in Dawki


Present Temperature in Dawki

Winter Season:

Winters in Dawki are the best time to explore. The season lasts till March from November. The weather remains pleasant and it holds the temperature between 20C to 25C. The Umngot River gets crystal clear water during this time. This attracts people to enjoy here and camera worthy moments. Rarely the weather gets cold and this is also an advisable time to pack woolen cloths with your luggage.

Summer Season:

Summers are not much hot here as the rest of the other places from north India. This is the best time to explore the scenic beauty of this place in the months from March to June. During the summer season also the Umngot River water would look crystal clear and attracts more tourists. The temperature holds an amount of 25C to 30C. But this weather condition will not make any difficulties for sightseeing and other activities. Boating is allowed here for the tourists during summer also.

Monsoon Season:

Monsoon brings here wet and humid condition. Due to the heavy rainfalls, the Umngot river gets muddy water flows, this may lose its charm looks. Dawki receives an amount of 3,704mm throughout the year. Those who would like to explore the crystal beauty of Umngot River, better to avoid reaching here during monsoon. Monsoon used to start in the month of mid-June and goes till the end of September.