Best Season to Visit Kalimpong

March to May & September to December is Best Season to Visit Kalimpong

Peak Season in Kalimpong

March to May is Peak Season in Kalimpong

Kalimpong Weather

Minimum Temperature in Kalimpong


Maximum Temperature in Kalimpong


Present Temperature in Kalimpong

Winter Season:

Theáclimatic condition of the marvelous hill station is quite moderate, calm and favorableand therefore, one can visit this place at any time of the year. Winter isprobably the most awaited season of all of them who love to enjoy snowfallwith chilled winter. The winter months in Kalimpong slowly creep in by thebeginning of September and go all the way up to February. The temperature inwinter sinks down to 0░C andátemperature constantly remains lower than15░C. The hill station experiences heavy snowfall at this time. The Teesta teaand tourism festival is celebrated to mainly promote tourism. They use toCelebrate the Ganga festival.

Summer Season:

The months that faces summers in Kalimpong begins from March and continues tillJune.áThis is the peak tourism seasonand the best time to visit the town as the weather remains pleasant and idealfor sightseeing. It is just because of its high location at an altitude of 1250meters above sea level. The temperature ranges from 25░C to 30░C. Theygenerally make your trip worth it because you can do a lot of fun outdooractivities. Since it is a hill-station, the weather in Kalimpong naturallystays good every time. Kindly go for Advance Booking if you will be travelingin Summer.

Monsoon Season:

June to September is the monsoon season for Kalimpong. The climate remains wet throughout as the townreceives around heavy rainfall. Due to the heavy rainfall, there might be aálandslideand also not much sightseeing can be done. For those seeking to travel on asmaller budget, this is the right time to get heavy discounts on hotels and toexperience the food, culture, and history of the place.