Best Season to Visit Pelling

February to May & September to December is Best Season to Visit Pelling

Peak Season in Pelling

March to May is Peak Season in Pelling

Pelling Weather

Minimum Temperature in Pelling


Maximum Temperature in Pelling


Present Temperature in Pelling

Winter Season:

Winter starts with pleasant and light sunny days during the months from October to February. In December the temperature may fall 0C to -5C. Pelling will greet you with snows. This wont be a better time for children, because of some adventure activities in the snow and extremely cold weather. For adventure travelers, this is a great destination to be here in this time. Christmas is the prime celebrating and attracting festival during winter.

Summer Season:

The temperature used to start rising and flowers started blooming in this region during summer. Summer spans from March to June. This is the best time to explore the varieties of blooming flower plantation in Pelling. And this is the best time to witness varieties of butterflies approaching these blooming flowers. The temperature will not rise more than 28C from 7C. Summer makes to melt the snow and giving lush greenery splendor of this place.

Monsoon Season:

Monsoon begins here in the month of July and lasts till September. This season considers an offseason to be here because of heavy rainfalls occurs here, an average of 2485 mm annually. Heavy rainfalls may disrupt your sightseeing and outdoor activities. Roads would muddy due to heavy rain, this may make delays in the journey into this region. The temperature amount used to rise up to 15C from 4C.