Best Season to Visit Mawsynram

September to May is Best Season to Visit Mawsynram

Winter and Summer season from September and May is the best time to visit Mawsynram to explore its lush green vegetation, floating clouds, roaring waterfalls and colorful orchids. This is the time the temperature becomes more comfortable for sightseeing and adventure sports activities.

Peak Season in Mawsynram

October to November is Peak Season in Mawsynram

October to November is the busiest season in Mawsynram and attracts a huge number of tourists to enjoy the tourism in Mawsynram. The PWD inspection bungalow in Mawsynram is the only hope for accommodation. There are plenty of staying options available in Shillong and Cherrapunji.

Mawsynram Weather

Minimum Temperature in Mawsynram


Maximum Temperature in Mawsynram


Present Temperature in Mawsynram

Winter Season:

Mawsynram has decent and cold weather throughout the year. Winter begins in the month of November and lasts till March. March is the chilliest time to be in Mawsynram. The temperature used to drop down to 6C from 15C. Mawsynram witness intermittent rainfall during winter. So keep Woolen cloths and raincoats with your luggage to make you warm and comfortable. Sometimes the intermittent rainfalls make delays in your outdoor activities during the evenings, instead of rain, this would be a great time to explore here. Mawsami caves, Mawsami falls and Khreng Khreng viewpoint is the prime attraction during this time.

Summer Season:

Summer starts in the month of April lasts till June. Summer in Mawsynram considers the best time to be here. The climate would be pleasant most of the time. Temperature holds an average of 15C to 20C during the summer. The weather may make you surprised due to unexpected rain. Keep some woolen clothes if there is a plan for summer. Mawjymbuin caves would be perfect to explore during summer and this is the prime and finest attraction of summer.

Monsoon Season:

Monsoon makes Mawsynram as the paradise for the monsoon and natural lovers. The region receives an average of 9500 mm throughout the year. The season lasts till October from July. Nature lovers and adventure seekers could find more places for activities, and this is an enchanting season for offbeat travelers also. Mostly nature lovers and offbeat travelers are arriving here to explore its adventure activities. The temperature hovers between 17C to 20C at this time. But this is not a recommended time for some travelers.