Best Season to Visit Shillong

September to May is Best Season to Visit Shillong

Shillong can be visited at any time throughout the year. However, September to May is the best time to visit Shillong to explore its exciting mountain peaks, beautiful landscapes, crystal clear lakes and breathtaking waterfalls. During these months, the weather is extremely pleasant with moderate rainfall. Shillong looks beautiful and refreshing during the monsoon season (June-August), but torrential rain may disrupt travel plans.

Peak Season in Shillong

March to April is Peak Season in Shillong

Summer season from March to April is the busiest season to enjoy the tourism in Shillong and attracts a large number of tourists from various parts of the country. Hotel prices are very expensive during this season due to the huge inflow of tourists heading to this region to spend a summer vacation.

Shillong Weather

Minimum Temperature in Shillong


Maximum Temperature in Shillong


Present Temperature in Shillong

Winter Season:

Winter starts here in the month of October and lasts till March. The charming weather makes easy to reach sights for activities. Certainly, days are calm and pleasant, but during night time the temperature drops down till 2C; during the day this may reach around 22C. The autumn festival and Nongrem dance festival held during the months of October and November. Most of the travelers are arriving here during this time to celebrate these festivals with entertainments, cultural programs and other activities that are famous in global.

Summer Season:

The climate will be pleasant and extremely enjoyable for the travelers. The temperature will be around 15C to 25C at this time period, this makes the best time to explore the hilly terrain of Shillong. The thanksgiving festival Shad Suk Mynsiem is celebrating in April. This festival is celebrating with traditional dance, music and merriment. Summer lasts till June from March. This season could be a fantastic holiday if you choose Shillong during summer.

Monsoon Season:

This is the time for some transitions in Shillong. The whole region would be with its green splendor. The area receives an average amount of rainfall during this time like 3300 mm, and the temperature holds a range of 12C to 16C. Monsoons are perfect for adventure activities and this is the best spot for photographers. The traditional festival Behdiekhalm is celebrated during the month of July and this is a tribe of Jaintia. July to September is the monsoon months to explore this beautiful location.