Patwon Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer - Timings, History, Best Time to Visit

Photo Credit: Flickr

Distance (From Jaisalmer): 1.5 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 30 Mins - 1 Hr

Place Location: Near The Patwa Complex

Transportation Options: Walk/Trek

Travel Tips: None

At a distance of 500 m from Jaisalmer Fort and 1.5 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, Patwon-ki-Haveli is situated in a narrow lane near the Patwa Complex in Jaisalmer. It is the first haveli to have been erected in Jaisalmer and also one of the top places to visit in Jaisalmer.

The Patwon ki Haveli is considered to be the one of the largest as well as the finest haveli of Rajasthan. This haveli is essentially a cluster of five havelis, which was constructed in 1805 CE by Guman Chand Patwa. A rich trader, Guman Chand Patwa constructed five separate sections for his five sons. The first haveli is the main and also the grandest haveli in the complex. The entire construction took over 55 years to complete.

Located in the center of the city, it is truly an outstanding piece of architecture. It is renowned for its ornate wall paintings, intricate yellow sandstone-carved jharokas or balconies, gateways and doorways. The haveli is built using yellow sandstone and the main gateway is brown in colour. The haveli is five stories high divided into six apartments. The walls also feature beautiful mirror work and several paintings. There is a stunning apartment which is flawlessly painted with beautiful murals. There are about 60 balconies in the haveli.

Amongst the five Havelis which form the entire complex, one has been converted into a museum which displays a vast collection of antique furniture and decorative goods. Besides this, the third Haveli or mansion in the premises also houses rich items that include traditional art and craft work of the local craftsmen. Two havelis are under the authorization of the Archaeological Survey of India and one serves as private accommodation.

Currently, this haveli is maintained by the state government, which uses it for different official purposes. The office of State art and craft department and the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) is placed in the haveli.

Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM

Entry Fee: Rs. 20 for Indians, Rs. 100 for Foreigners and Rs. 50 for Camera