#1 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 1.5 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, Jaisalmer Fort locally known as Sonar Quila (Golden Fort) is located in the heart of Jaisalmer city. It is one of the largest forts in India, and among the must include places in Jaisalmer holiday packages.

Jaisalmer Fort is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO under the group hill forts of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer Fort was built atop the Trikuta Hill in 1156 AD by the Bhati Rajput ruler Maharawal Jaisal Singh. It was the center of several historical encounters between the Bhattis, Mughals, and Rathores of Jodhpur. The Fort of Jaisalmer survived several attacks by the Muslim rulers like Aladdin Khilji and Mughal Emperor Humayun. The city also served as a refuge and way-station for caravans and travelers along the Silk Road.

Standing proudly in the middle of the great Thar Desert, this fort is regarded as 'The Pride .....

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#2 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 40 km from Jaisalmer, Sam Sand Dunes are situated at the edge of Jaisalmer Desert National Park in Rajasthan. Lies in the midst of the Thar Desert, these sand dunes are amongst the most popular places to experience Rajasthan Tourism, and also one of the prime places to visit during Jaisalmer tour.

Sam has a truly magnificent stretch of sweeping dunes, with sparse or no vegetation. The 3 km long, and 1 km wide sand dunes reflect the true image of Rajasthan. Undeniably one of the most picturesque spots in the desert, the Sam Sand Dunes have gained a tremendous tourist reputation over time. The unrelieved ocean of sand constantly changes its appearance at every gentle gush of wind. The whirling air currents of this area match with those of the sandstorms in the Sahara.

Camel Safari at Sam Sand Dunes is one of the top things to do in Jaisalmer. The .....

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#3 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 500 m from Jaisalmer Fort and 1.5 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, Patwon-ki-Haveli is situated in a narrow lane near the Patwa Complex in Jaisalmer. It is the first haveli to have been erected in Jaisalmer and also one of the top places to visit in Jaisalmer.

The Patwon ki Haveli is considered to be the one of the largest as well as the finest haveli of Rajasthan. This haveli is essentially a cluster of five havelis, which was constructed in 1805 CE by Guman Chand Patwa. A rich trader, Guman Chand Patwa constructed five separate sections for his five sons. The first haveli is the main and also the grandest haveli in the complex. The entire construction took over 55 years to complete.

Located in the center of the city, it is truly an outstanding piece of architecture. It is renowned for its ornate wall paintings, intricate yellow sandstone-carved jharokas or balconies, gateways .....

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#4 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 2 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, the Jain Temples are one of the oldest temples in Jaisalmer which are situated inside the Jaisalmer Fort complex. These Jain temples are the most important religious attractions in Jaisalmer.

There are seven Jain temples in total which are built during the 12th and 15th centuries AD. These Jain temples are dedicated to different Jain Tirthankaras. Among these temples, the biggest one is the Parsvanath Temple and is most attractive; others being Chandraprabhu temple, Rishabdev temple, Shitalnath Temple, Kunthanath Temple, and Shantinath Temple.

These temples are famous for their Dilwara style paintings and architecture that were predominant in the medieval era. The temples are built out of yellow sandstone and have intricate engravings on them. These temples have archaeological and religious .....

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#5 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 1.5 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station and 1.5 km from Jaisalmer Fort, Gadisar Lake or Gadsisar Lake is an artificial reservoir in Jaisalmer. It was the only source of water for the Jaisalmer city in the olden days and also one of the best sightseeing places in Jaisalmer.

The Gadisar Lake was constructed by Raja Rawal Jaisal, the first ruler of Jaisalmer, and later reconstructed by Maharawal Gadsi Singh in the year 1367 AD. It is said that this rainwater lake once provided water to the entire town. At present Gadisar Lake gets water from Indira Gandhi Canal so it never dries.

Located towards the south of Jaisalmer city, the entrance to the Gadisar Lake is through a magnificent and artistically carved yellow sandstone archway that is known as the Tilon-Ki-Pol. There are numerous shrines and small temples on the embankment of this lake which can visit during your trip to Jaisalmer. The .....

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#6 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 45 km from Jaisalmer, Desert National Park is a wildlife sanctuary situated in the state of Rajasthan near the town of Jaisalmer. Situated in the sand dunes of Thar Desert, the Desert National Park is regarded as one of the largest national parks in India, and among the top places to visit as part of Jaisalmer trip.

The Desert National Park was established in 1980, and it depicts the ecosystem of the Thar Desert. Spread over an area of 3162 sq. km, the park is extensively covered by sand dunes over large extents, and is one of the major Jaisalmer sightseeing places. The main area of the park comprises compact salt lake bottoms, fixed dunes, and craggy rocks. There are many lakes inside the national park including Rajbaugh Lake, Milak Lake, and Padam Talao Lake.

Although 20% of .....

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#7 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 1 km from Jaisalmer Fort and 1.5 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, the Desert Cultural Centre & Museum is located on the Gadisagar Road in Jaisalmer. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Jaisalmer.

The museum was established by Mr. N. K. Sharma in the year 1997. The Desert Cultural Centre and Museum exhibits the art, craft and culture of Jaisalmer beautifully. The museum has a large collection of traditional instruments, medieval coins and ethnic artifacts. This is the treasure trove of ethnic Rajasthani jewellery, handicrafts, weapons and fossil works. The museum is maintained by the Tourism Department of Jaisalmer and is a must-visit for history buffs.

Various musical instruments and folk dance related costumes can be found in this museum. Costumes of the erstwhile maharajas and maharanis can also found in the museum. Kitchen tools and culinary tools can be found here, while the Rajasthani arts are presented in the walls, which belonged to painters .....

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#8 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 8 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, Lodurva is a village in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. Famous for Jain temples and other historical monuments, Lodurva is one of the top places to visit in Jaisalmer.

Lodurva was the ancient capital of the Bhatti dynasty till 1156 AD, when Rawal Jaisal founded the Jaisalmer state and shifted the capital to Jaisalmer. The town of Lodurva is much older than Jaisalmer and was sacked several times, most notably by Mahmud of Ghazni in the 11th century CE and then by Mohammad Ghori in the next century.

Today, it is a popular tourist destination, known for its architectural ruins and Jai temples. The temples at Lodurva exhibit some more fine examples of intricate craftsmanship on yellow stone. The Parshvnath Temple is the oldest and the most beautiful of the Jain temples. The temple is dedicated to 23rd Tirthankara, Parshvnath. The walls of the sanctum .....

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#9 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 2 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, Tazia Tower is located in the Badal Palace complex near Amar Sagar Gate inside Jaisalmer Fort. The intricate designs, minarets and architectural fusion of this tower make it one of the top Jaisalmer tourist places.

Tazia Tower was constructed in the form of Tazia that are usually part of Muslim religious festivities. It was constructed in 1886 AD by Muslim carvers who presented it as a gift to the imperial Hindu king, Maharawal Berisal Singh.

The structure is a five-storied complex with each story possessing a unique balcony with an exclusive design of its own. The exquisite design and fine carvings on the walls and ceilings of each floor of the tower reflects the rich artistic creativity and imaginative skills of the local craftsmen of the bygone era.

Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM

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#10 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 8 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station and 7 km from Jaisalmer Fort, Bada Bagh or Bara Bagh is a historical garden located on Ramgarh road and halfway between Jaisalmer and Lodurva in Rajasthan.

Bada Bagh means big garden. It is a garden of cenotaphs or chhatris of the royal family of Jaisalmer. A descendant of Maharawal Jaisal Singh, Jait Singh II, commissioned a dam to create a water tank in the 16th century AD. This made the desert green in this area. After his death, Bada Bagh was fully developed by his son Lunakaran.

The garden stands at the foot of a hill and several chhatris or cenotaphs stand in memory of the late rulers of Jaisalmer. Cenotaphs are also known as chhatris and one cenotaph is erected for each ruler. The cenotaph of Maharawal Jait Singh is the oldest of all. Many cenotaphs were built by subsequent rulers for the Bhatti royal family of Jaisalmer. This continued till the 20th century when .....

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#11 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 1.5 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, Salim Singh ki Haveli is an old edifice located at the heart of Jaisalmer city near Jaisalmer Fort. This beautiful architectural building is one of the major tourist places in Jaisalmer.

Salim Singh ki Haveli was built in 1815 CE by Salim Singh, the then Prime Minister of the kingdom when Jaisalmer was the capital. It is said that once the Haveli of Salim Singh had two additional wooden storeys in an attempt to make it as high as the maharaja's palace but the Maharaja did not take this attempt in good spirit. Currently it has only five stories as the upper two tiers were demolished as per the order of the king.

The architecture of this haveli is unique as compared to the other havelis. This mansion was not created with the help of cements and mortar- the stones are connected with strong iron .....

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#12 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 500 m from Jaisalmer Fort and 2 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, Nathmalji ki Haveli is a renowned architectural marvel in the heart of Jaisalmer near Patwon ki Haveli. It is one of the prominent Jaisalmer places to visit.

Nathmalji ki Haveli was constructed by Maharawal Berisal in 1885 CE, to serve as the residence of Diwan Mohata Nathmal, the then Prime Minister of Jaisalmer. The chief architects of this haveli were two brothers, named Hathi and Lulu. There is a very interesting story regarding its construction. It is believed that both the brothers started building the facets of the haveli simultaneously. The two sides are similar, but not identical.

This haveli is famous for its architecture that reflects the fusion of both Rajput and Islamic styles. The building is planned around two courtyards; the one in the front is much smaller than the rear one. The front part of the .....

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#13 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 21 km from Jaisalmer, Kuldhara is an abandoned and cursed village in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, India. This is one of the haunted places in Rajasthan and also one of the famous tourist places in Jaisalmer.

Established around 13th century CE, it was once a prosperous village inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins who had migrated from Pali to Jaisalmer region. It is believed that all the residents of Kuldhara village and nearby 83 villages abandoned their homes overnight in 1825 AD possibly because of dwindling water supply, or as a local legend claims, because of persecution by the Jaisalmer State's minister Salim Singh.

According to legend, Salim Singh was the Diwan of Jaisalmer who was known for dissipation. He set eyes on the beautiful daughter of the chief of the village. He also told the villagers of Kuldhara that if his wish wasn't fulfilled, he would levy heavy taxes on .....

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#14 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 11 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station and 12 km from Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer War Museum is situated at Military Station on the Jaisalmer - Jodhpur Highway. This unique war museum is surely a must visit place for all Indian and foreigner tourists coming to Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer War Museum was set up by the Indian Army in 2015 and was inaugurated on 24th August by Lieutenant General Ashok Singh, General Officer Commanding in Chief, Southern Command. The inauguration of the Museum in the Golden Jubilee Commemoration Year of 1965 Indo Pak War is also a tribute to all soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice.

The museum covers an area of over 10 acres of land. It has two large Information Display Halls, an Audio Visual Room and a souvenir shop. Apart from the evolution of the Indian Army, the museum showcases tales of bravery and sacrifice of heroes of the wars. War trophies and vintage equipment are on display along with tanks, guns and military vehicles. The museum .....

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#15 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 1 km from Jaisalmer Fort and 1.7 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, the Folklore Museum is a private museum situated on the banks of the pristine Gadsisar Lake in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer Folklore Museum was founded in 1984 by N. K. Sharma, a local connoisseur. The museum is a treasure trove of cultural heritage of Thar Desert, the people, their traditions and culture. One can understand the evolution of the Jaisalmer city through ages by seeing the artifacts in this museum.

The stunning architecture of the museum is one of the highlights. The museum is organized into six sections and features a rich collection of paintings, photographs, costumes, hairstyles and jewelry. Other items on display include utility articles of rural life, camel and horse decorations, fossils, ornamental arches, as well as articles connected with folk and cultural lifestyles. It also features various kinds of puppets and other traditional items.

Tourists can watch a video in the .....

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#16 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 18 km from Jaisalmer, Akal Wood Fossil Park is an archeological park located at Akal on Barmer Road in Rajasthan. This is an ideal tourist spot for geological and Archeological enthusiasts.
Akal Wood Fossil Park is the fossilized remains of forests as old as 180 million years. The park spreads over an area of 21 hectares and is one of the natural wonders in India. The trunk of the trees of this park has been preserved as fossils. The whole area is protected and preserved presently due to its archaeological worth. It is believed that more fossils are lying in deep and still excavations are going on in this region.

Akal Wood Fossil Park has fossils of the prehistoric Jurassic period. Huge fossilized tree trunks and sea shells that are centuries old are major specimens of Indian desert's geological history. The biggest fossil specimen obtained in the region is 13 m long and 1.5 m wide. There are also 25 petrified trunks that mark the life of forests that existed .....

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#17 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 25 km from Sam Sand Dunes and 35 km from Jaisalmer, Khaba Fort is a ruined citadel set amid a barren desert village in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. It is one of the top places to visit in Jaisalmer.

Khaba Fort is a cursed village of Paliwal Brahmins, who abandoned this place 200 years ago due to unknown reasons. The crumbling structure of the fort still has the ruins of the homes of some 80 families that used to live here. Khaba Fort dates back to the 13th century AD and was once an important part of Kuldhara, a village inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins.

Once, Khaba Fort was the Sarai Fort (fort at the frontier). The traders who entered Rajasthan via the Silk Route trade stayed inside this fort for a night. Only after they paid taxes they were given the permission to go ahead for trade. The remains of the village looks like a well-planned settlement with a temple surrounded by .....

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#18 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 47 km from Jaisalmer, the Khuri Sand Dunes are located very close to the Khuri village in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. It is just on the fringes of Thar Desert. The immense natural beauty makes these sand dunes are one of the popular places to experience desert camping in Jaisalmer.

Khuri is the lesser known yet more beautiful sand dunes compared to the popular Sam Sand Dunes. It is the ideal place to enjoy the serene desert experience. The Khuri Dunes appeals tourists with its vast sea of sand. Development of tourist facilities is slow as the region still remains unexplored. Only a wonderful little village of mud and straw huts exist here.

Renowned for sand dunes, Khuri is an ideal place for camel safari. The dunes are best visited during the months of October to February when the heat is relatively less in the region. The sand dunes offer the majestic views of mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. Camping .....

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#19 of 19 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

At a distance of 2.5 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, Manak Chowk is a popular market place situated outside the beautiful Jaisalmer Fort.

Manak Chowk is flooded with shops offering decorative leather works, ethnic silver jewellery, craft works and antique pieces. It draws several tourists from far and wide who are thrilled at the wide variety of traditional ethnic goods that are available at affordable prices. An important commercial and business hub of Jaisalmer, the market portrays the rich artistic caliber and creative skills of the local craftsmen of Rajasthan.

The tourists can experience the architectural splendor of the beautiful havelis of the ancient times in the market place of Manak Chowk. Patwon ki Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli and Nathmalji ki-Haveli are the most famous havelis in this area. Majority of these havelis were constructed during the 18th and 19th centuries and exhibit rich art and craft works. This .....

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Most Asked Questions on Jaisalmer

  • What is the best season to visit Jaisalmer?

    Jaisalmer is popularly called the 'Golden City of India' can be visited in the Winter season from October to March. Winter offers pleasant weather to enjoy the golden city and it is the peak season for tourists. Hotels are usually expensive during this season due to a large number of tourists heading to this region in the Winter season.

  • How many days are required to visit Jaisalmer?

    Jaisalmer requires 2 full days to visit the most important attractions. There are several wonderful destinations around Jaisalmer like Jodhpur and Udaipur which can be visited by adding few additional days to the trip.

  • What is the budget required to visit Jaisalmer?

    Budget of Jaisalmer trip depends on the trip duration and category of hotel you choose for your stay along with the kind of vehicle you prefer. Jaisalmer tour packages offered by Trawell.in start from as low as INR 5100 per person for a 2D/1N trip and from INR 7800 per person for 3D/2N vacation.

  • What are some must visit places & things to do while visiting Jaisalmer?

    Ensure to cover most important places to visit in Jaisalmer like Jaisalmer Fort, Sam Sand Dunes, Patwon Ki Haveli, Gadisar Lake, Desert National Park, Desert Cultural Centre & Museum, Lodurva, Tazia Tower, Bada Bagh, etc.

  • What is famous in Jaisalmer?

    Jaisalmer is famous for royal forts, havelis, palaces, museums, temples, blue lakes, camel rides, delicious cuisine, etc.

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