Best Season to Visit Tirunelveli

October to March is Best Season to Visit Tirunelveli

Peak Season in Tirunelveli

December to February is Peak Season in Tirunelveli

Tirunelveli Weather

Minimum Temperature in Tirunelveli


Maximum Temperature in Tirunelveli


Present Temperature in Tirunelveli

Winter Season:

Winter lasts from October to February. The best time to reach here. Navaratri is celebrated Nellaiappar temple during this time. And this is the prime attraction of winter in Thirunelveli. The days would warm this may cause to increase a bit of temperature. But the increasing temperature will not make any uncomfortable for travelers who seek to visit here during winter. Temperature ranges will be up to 31°C.

Summer Season:

Temperature ranges rise up to 35°C during summer. This is not an advisable time to visit Thirunelveli due to the hot and highest humidity. But this is the best time to visit those who are looking for a budget trip to this region. You can find out the best hotels with average rates.

Monsoon Season:

Rainfalls start from July to September. The region will be pleasant and looks lush and greenery splendor. The climate will be wet throughout the city and outdoor sights. And this is the best time for photographers to capture vary kind of migrating birds approaching the region.