Best Season to Visit Kanyakumari

October to March is Best Season to Visit Kanyakumari

Peak Season in Kanyakumari

December to January & May to June is Peak Season in Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari Weather

Minimum Temperature in Kanyakumari


Maximum Temperature in Kanyakumari


Present Temperature in Kanyakumari

Winter (October - February):

Winter is the best time to explore Kanyakumari as like other places. Temperature ranges will be from 25C to 35C during this time. This is the best time to do beach bathing and explore beach tourism in Kanyakumari. As of the more tourists arrive this is the highest season so book your trip as an advance if you prefer to visit Kanyakumari.

Summer (March - May):

Usually summer is humid in Kanyakumari. Temperature ranges between 29C to 35C in this period. This time is apt for the visitors who are coming here during summer. The beach baths and other outdoor activities make you pleasant. Vivekananda rock, Vattakottai fort and Govt. museum is the prime attractions here in this time.

Monsoon (June - September):

June starts with the monsoon in Kanyakumari, this helps to low the temperature. This is the best time to explore Kanyakumari. During the month of August, it is the highest recommending time to explore Kanyakumari in the time of monsoon. The sites will be pleasant and sometimes the rain may cause for a break during your outdoor activities. Temperature turns up to 31C in monsoon.