By Air

Nearest Airport: Agra - Kheria Airport (35 Kms)

Direct Flights to Agra

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From Dist (Kms) Freq Duration

By Train

Nearest Train Station: Fatehpur Sikri Railway Station (0 Kms)
Agra Cantonment (37 Kms)

Direct Trains to Fatehpur Sikri
Direct Trains to Agra
FromDist (Kms)FreqDuration
Fatehpur Sikri to Agra37NANA
Mathura to Agra56NANA
Alwar to Agra171NANA
Delhi City to Agra214NANA
Jhansi to Agra234NANA
Jaipur to Agra241NANA
Sawai Madhopur to Agra269NANA
Ramnagar to Agra317NANA
Kathgodam to Agra321NANA
Lucknow to Agra359NANA
Ajmer to Agra377NANA
Haridwar to Agra393NANA
Dehradun to Agra413NANA
Khajuraho to Agra414NANA
Chandigarh to Agra460NANA
Kalka to Agra477NANA
Chittorgarh to Agra556NANA
Bhopal to Agra576NANA
Bikaner to Agra578NANA
Jodhpur to Agra579NANA
Varanasi to Agra612NANA
Udaipur to Agra642NANA
Amritsar to Agra680NANA
Pathankot to Agra699NANA
Mount Abu to Agra735NANA
Patna to Agra847NANA
Ahmedabad to Agra876NANA
Jalgaon to Agra893NANA
Manmad to Agra963NANA
Chandrapur to Agra983NANA
Shirdi to Agra1020NANA
Aurangabad to Agra1023NANA
Nashik to Agra1034NANA
Igatpuri to Agra1080NANA
Kalyan to Agra1172NANA
Mumbai to Agra1213NANA
Pune to Agra1222NANA
Karimnagar to Agra1229NANA
Siliguri to Agra1241NANA
Kolkata to Agra1265NANA
Satara to Agra1304NANA
Warangal to Agra1304NANA
Hyderabad to Agra1333NANA
Bhubaneswar to Agra1436NANA
Ratnagiri to Agra1506NANA
Puri to Agra1546NANA
Vizag to Agra1556NANA
Rajahmundry to Agra1589NANA
Alnavar to Agra1598NANA
Vijayawada to Agra1615NANA
Mantralayam to Agra1622NANA
Annavaram to Agra1670NANA
Guwahati to Agra1704NANA
Karwar to Agra1712NANA
Anantapur to Agra1719NANA
Srikalahasti to Agra1893NANA
Tirupati to Agra1906NANA
Bangalore to Agra1924NANA
Vellore to Agra1961NANA
Chennai to Agra1962NANA
Udupi to Agra1991NANA
Srirangapatna to Agra2065NANA
Mysore to Agra2082NANA
Villupuram to Agra2112NANA
Pondicherry to Agra2120NANA
Mangalore to Agra2123NANA
Tiruchirappalli to Agra2264NANA
Mettupalayam to Agra2281NANA
Kodai Road to Agra2313NANA
Thanjavur to Agra2320NANA
Madurai to Agra2358NANA
Kodaikanal to Agra2395NANA
Kochi to Agra2472NANA
Tirunelveli to Agra2498NANA
Kottayam to Agra2524NANA
Alleppey to Agra2536NANA
Kollam to Agra2607NANA
Trivandrum to Agra2655NANA

By Bus

Nearest Bus Station: Fatehpur Sikri Bus Station (1 Kms)

Direct Buses to Fatehpur Sikri

From Dist (Kms) Freq Duration
Agra to Fatehpur Sikri37NANA
Delhi City to Fatehpur Sikri223NANA