Kuari Bugyal / Kuari Pass

Adventure / Trekking

Photo Credit: Flickr

Distance (From Auli): 20 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 3-5 Days

Transportation Options: Walk/Trek

Travel Tips: None

At a distance of 20 km from Auli, 27 km from Joshimath, 21 km from Tapovan & 17 km from Gurson Bugyal, Kuari Bugyal is a famous meadow known for untouched beauty of Himalayas situated at an altitude of 3350 m. It is well known for one of the famous trekking trails in Uttarakhand, Kuari Pass Trek.

Kuari Bugyal is perfect place for trekking. During summer season, tourists throng to this place to explore the trekking trails of this beautiful region. Lord Curzon made the trek to Kuari Pass, and since than it has come to known as Curzon's trail. It is very popular among European and American travelers.

There are four trekking routes to reach Kuari Pass with different starting points at Auli, Ghat, Joshimath and Tapovan. The Ghat route is the longest trail with a length of 40 km spread across 4-5 days while Auli route is shortest which is 20 km long and take about 3 days. All the trails reach Gailgarh, from where Kuari Pass is scaled on same day and returned back to the base camp. Among these four trails, Auli route is most famous and most frequented trekking path to Kauri Pass.

Trekkers can hire porters, guides, camping equipment and cooks from the Joshimath base camp. It is also an amazing place to watch the magnificent mountains like Nandadevi, Dunagiri and Trisul from very close.

Route 1: Auli - Gorson - Gailgarh - Kuari Pass (20 km trek, 3 days)
Route 2: Ghat - Ramni - Sanatoli - Kuari Pass (10 km motor + 40 km trek, 5-6 days)
Route 3: Joshimath - Mirag - Tugasi - Khulara - Kuari Pass (7 km motor + 27 km trek, 4 days)
Route 4: Tapovan - Khulara - Galigarh - Kuari Pass (21 km trek, 3 days)

The best time to visit Kwari Bugyal from June to September.