Best Season to Visit Bhavnagar

October to February is Best Season to Visit Bhavnagar

The climate of Bhavnagar is semi-arid with dry, hot summers, rainy monsoons, and mild winters. However, October to March is the best time to visit Bhavnagar to explore its rich religious, cultural heritage and exciting wildlife. The weather remains pleasant and is a great time to enjoy the sightseeing of the city. This is also the festive season in Bhavnagar and hosts many festivals related to religion, drama, music and literature.

Peak Season in Bhavnagar

December to February is Peak Season in Bhavnagar

Dussehra(around October) and Mahashivratri are the peak tourist seasons in Bhavnagar. Dussehra season attracts a huge number of travelers to this region and people enjoy playing Garba and dandiya with their loved ones. Mahashivratri is one of the major festivals celebrated in Bhavnagar and a number of devotees visit the Takhteshwar temple to pay homage to Lord Shiva.

Bhavnagar Weather

Minimum Temperature in Bhavnagar


Maximum Temperature in Bhavnagar


Present Temperature in Bhavnagar

Winter Season:

Bhavnagar has a pleasant and pretty climate during winter; this is the best time to be here. Temperature goes up to 13°C to 29°C. The weather condition will be pleasant and it is a great time to explore the sights here. The region receives many travelers with the festivals of Film, Drama, Music, and literature during this time. This is the time to explore the various festivals and sights in Bhavnagar.

Summer Season:

Summer is hot and humid in Bhavnagar. The temperature rises from 30°C to 42°C during this time, so this is not a good time to visit. The month of June is the time to end the summer here. April May and June are the hottest months. And even this region receives frequent rainfalls during summer; this can make the weather cool.

Monsoon Season:

July is the month to begin monsoon in this region. The coastal area receives an amount of 550 mm rainfalls during this time. And this is a great time to explore Bhavnagar with its rain washes splendor and greenery of this place. During monsoon keep an umbrella or a raincoat and do not let the rain dampen your spirit of travel.  However, the weather remains humid due to its closeness to the coastal area.

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