Best Season to Visit Palitana

October to March is Best Season to Visit Palitana

Winter season from October to March is the best time to visit Palitana to explore its architectural beauty. The climate of Palitana is pleasant and perfect for sightseeing all the points of interest in Palitana. The summerseason is too hot in Palitana while the monsoon season has good temperature and weather but the hills at Palitana are closed for climbing.

Peak Season in Palitana

November to February is Peak Season in Palitana

November to February is the peak tourist season in Palitana and attracts a large number of tourists to this region. Navratri and Mahavir Jayanti, the birthday of Mahavira, are also notable festivals celebrated at Palitana.

Palitana Weather

Minimum Temperature in Palitana


Maximum Temperature in Palitana


Present Temperature in Palitana

Winter Season:

Winter starts in the month of October and it slowly begins to set. Winter is considered the best time in Palitana. The season spans at the end of February and begins in March. The temperature amount starts to decrease till 10C during this time. The highest temperature reported here during winter is 25C. Most of the travelers would like to explore here at this period of time. And the place has a scenic beauty of fog that arrives in the morning. Winter could make you feel free and pleasant to enjoy this scenic beauty.

Summer Season:

Summers are considered the toughest season in Palitana. The temperature may rise up to 28C to 42C during this time. Most of the travelers used to avoid here during summer due to its hot and humid condition. The season starts at the end of March and lasts till June end. At the mid of April, things started to get a little difficult. As of the highest hot and humid situation, this is not a preferable time to be here. If you are seeking a budget and peace trip can make better deals with the packages. But this is not a suggestible time for those who are suffering from any health issues.

Monsoo2n Season:

The southwest monsoon arrives here at the end of June and lasts till September. The region does not receive heavy rainfall, so that the entire area would become cool and pleasant for the travelers. The city becomes more attractive and welcoming travelers to explore the pretty city. The city looks lush and greenish at this time. The temperature will rise up to 32C, but this will not make any uncomfortable for any tourists. Check out the weather condition before planning a trip during this time. The annual rainfall is 610 mm at this time.

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