Best Season to Visit Vadodara

October to March is Best Season to Visit Vadodara

Winter season from October to March is the best time to visit Vadodara when the temperature is mild and the weather is pleasant during these months. Winter has less humidity and perfect for indulging in outdoor sports activities and sightseeing. Better to avoid visiting Vadodara during Monsoon and Summer seasons as the city experiences heavy rains between the months of June to September and extremely hot and humid climate during the summer months.

Peak Season in Vadodara

November to February is Peak Season in Vadodara

Navratri(around October) is the busiest season in Vadodara. No city in India celebrates the festival of Navratri with as much zeal and energy as Vadodara does. During this time the city attracts a large number of people from different parts of the world and the hotels are very expensive in this season.

Vadodara Weather

Minimum Temperature in Vadodara


Maximum Temperature in Vadodara


Present Temperature in Vadodara

Winter Season:

Winter is the best time to explore Vadodara. Most of the tourists used to visit here during winter due to its pleasant weather. The winter starts in October and continuous till February. The temperature holds a range of 15C to 30C during this time. The whole place would be with its green splendor. If you reach here in this season keep some woolen cloths with your luggage. This is the best time to explore here in a pleasant weather. Navaratri festival is the prime attraction during winter in this region.

Summer Season:

Summers are the hottest season in this region, and also off-season. The summer starts from March and continuous till June mid. The temperature will rise from 28C to 42C. This would be making tough to do sightseeing for some travelers. But you can explore the parks, museums and heritage beauty of this place if you looking for a budget trip because of the off-season.

Monsoon Season:

Monsoon could be quite fun in this region. Vadodara receives moderate rainfalls during monsoon in the month from July to September. Vadodara receives 803 mm rainfall during this time. The region will express its green splendor after the rain washed. The temperature holds a range of 24C to 38C during monsoon. This would be a nice time to be here to explore the beauty of this place.

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