Best Season to Visit Hampi

October to March is Best Season to Visit Hampi

Winter from October to March is the best season to visit Hampi to experience the World Heritage Site. Most of the travelers visiting Hampi during the winter season and the temperature will be more pleasant and makes it easy for the travelers to explore Hampi. This is also the best time to experience the Hampi Festival, held for 3 days in November is the most important festival celebrated here.

Peak Season in Hampi

December to February is Peak Season in Hampi

Hampi Festival (around November) and winter are the peak seasons in Hampi. Hampi festival is the most enjoyable festival which is held for 3 days during November and attracts a large number of travelers, hotels are a little expensive in this season. People celebrate this festival by participating in various activities such as folk music, Kannadigas dance, drama, fireworks, puppet shows, etc. winter is the busiest season in Hampi with a high number of travelers visiting and hotels are little expensive in this season.

Hampi Weather

Minimum Temperature in Hampi


Maximum Temperature in Hampi


Present Temperature in Hampi

Winter Season :

Winter is the best season to visit Hampi where the weather remains moderately cool except for peak afternoons but mostly perfect for exploring the World Heritage Site. The temperature can go as low as 12°C in winters. The place is a significant religious center of the Vijayanagara Empire due to the presence of the historic Virupaksha Temple along with many other monuments of the old city. Also, Hampi witness some of the most important festivals including Vijaya Utsav (Festival of Hampi) is celebrated in the month of November that attracts considerable number of tourists and hotels are usually expensive during this season.

Summer Season :

Summer temperature in Hampi is usually around 37°C. Hampi is mostly moderate and dry throughout the year. The summers bring soaring high temperatures and therefore, March to June is not an ideal time to visit Hampi. Though it is hot in summer, large number of tourists from different parts of India head to Hampi to spend few days of their summer vacation. Summer is also the busiest season in Hampi. Hotels are also usually expensive during summer and advance booking at least a month ahead is suggested to plan a hassle free summer vacation in Hampi.

Monsoon Season :

Monsoon season can witness heavy rains in Hampi region in the month of July & September, keeping the temperatures a little low but humid. Though Hampi and surrounding places can still be visited during monsoon, but it is advisable to stay away from the slippery terrains to avoid accidents.