Best Season to Visit Gokarna

October to March is Best Season to Visit Gokarna

Winter season from October to March is the best time to explore the Gokarna when the weather is warm and pleasant during this season. This is the best season to enjoy in the beaches of Gokarna without humid and heat. Also, several adventure water sport activities such as boating, surfing, water-skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides are the fun activities that you can indulge in Gokarna beaches and this is the best season to participate in the adventure activities.

Peak Season in Gokarna

December to January is Peak Season in Gokarna

December to January is the peak season in Gokarna. December to January (around New Year) is the busiest season in Gokarna and hotels are very expensive in this season compared to other days due to the high influx of travelers. This coastal region attracts a large number of tourists during New Year time to celebrate their New Year's Eve.

Gokarna Weather

Minimum Temperature in Gokarna


Maximum Temperature in Gokarna


Present Temperature in Gokarna

Winter Season (November - February):

Winter is the best season to visit Gokarna, it is enjoyable and breezy making it an ideal season to visit Gokarna. For Mahashivratri in February or early March. It is celebrated for nine days at Mahabaleshwar temple and concludes with a chariot procession carrying an idol of Lord Shiva through the streets. People throw bananas at the chariot for good luck.

Summer Season (March - June):

Summer months are rather hot in Gokarna, but chilling out at the beaches should provide a respite from the heat. The weather averages 19C to 40C. The heat gets tolerable as the sun sets and you must ensure that you have your sunscreen, water, and hats handy until then. Lots of hydration is the key if you want to have a good summer in Gokarna. Most beach shacks close by the end of April though, that is how sultry it is.

Monsoon Season (July - October):

Gokarna receives a considerable amount of rainfall. Although the temperature falls by a few degrees and the weather becomes a bit pleasant. Monsoon spells are quite heavy and that might make your travel and sightseeing plans cumbersome. Monsoon is not an ideal time for swimming in the sea by the beaches or indulging in any sort of water sports.

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