Best Season to Visit Chittorgarh

October to March is Best Season to Visit Chittorgarh

Winter season from October to March is the best time to visit Chittorgarh to explore its beautiful forts and temples. In winter the weather remains pleasant and mildly chilly. Monsoon receives average rainfall and the surroundings become more greenery. Better to avoid during the summer season as the temperature is extremely hot and therefore, people avoid visiting the place during this time.

Peak Season in Chittorgarh

December to February is Peak Season in Chittorgarh

December to February is the busiest season in Chittorgarh and attracts a huge number of tourists during this time. Hotel prices are very high at this time due to the large inflow of travelers heading to this region.

Chittorgarh Weather

Minimum Temperature in Chittorgarh


Maximum Temperature in Chittorgarh


Present Temperature in Chittorgarh

Winter Season (November - March):

Winter is probably the most awaited season of all. The winter months in Chittorgarh slowly creep in by the beginning of November and go all the way up to March. The minimum temperature of this glorious city remains between 10C to 28C. Thus, the weather could be sometimes pleasant and sometimes chilling. The pleasure of going around the city is ultimate and tourists can enjoy the most.

Summer Season (April - July):

The maximum temperature goes up to 45? and the minimum temperature recorded is 23?. As most Rajasthan destinations, a trip to Chittor is best planned as far away as possible from these months. An April trip is said to be quite bearable but never underestimate the desert heat! Teej is one of the major festivals in Chittorgarh which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and in the month of July or August.

Monsoon Season (July - September):

There are unexpected rains in Chittorgarh in the months of monsoon. The temperatures range from 20? to 35?. Light rainfall occurs during this season especially in the months of June. To feel the delight and pleasure of rain, a number of visitors from the different parts of the world love to come here with family and friends. Average annual rainfall (1977-06) of the district is 762.7mm.

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