Dumna Nature Reserve Park


Photo Credit: Flickr

Distance (From Jabalpur Junction): 8 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 2-3 Hours

Place Location: Near Jabalpur Airport

Transportation Options: Bus / Cab / Auto

Travel Tips: None

At a distance of 8 km from Jabalpur Junction, Dumna Nature Reserve is an eco-tourism site located in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Situated near Jabalpur Airport, it is one of the beautiful Jabalpur tourist places.

Spread over an area of 1058 hectares, Dumna Nature Reserve Park is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. Dumna is among the most well preserved ecological habitats in an urban area and it is also a catchment area for the Khandari Lake which is an important source of drinking water supply to the city of Jabalpur. The Khandari Dam was constructed in the year 1883 under J.H. Morris, Chief Commissioner of the Central Provinces and Berar. Since then, the forested area provides rainwater to feed the Khandari Reservoir. The place, along with Lower Gaur forest, is described in Captain James Forsyth's 'Highlands of Central India' as a favored place for tiger shoots for British officers.

The park boasts of diverse ecosystems - woodlands, grasslands, wetlands, etc. It has a population of nine leopards, more than 2,000 deer, a host of other wildlife such as cheetal, barking deer, four-horned antelope, jungle cat, Asiatic wild cat, wild boar, crocodile, and more than 300 species of birds (both migrant and resident). A walk through the park provides a feeling of walking in a forest as it is a forest area with lots of plants and trees. There are many trails here that lead you to various destinations. A lot of nature lovers and wildlife lovers visit here. It is also a favourite spot for children as it allows them to see a lot of animals and birds, as well as a chance to play in the children's park. The toy train here also is loved by the children as well as the grownups.

The hanging bridge in the park is a favourite with all the visitors and very exciting. A fishing platform is another attraction, where visitors may be lucky enough to catch a fish or two. The park also has a restaurant, so you can very well enjoy a meal here. Tourists also enjoy the boat ride on Khandari Dam, which relaxes the mind and offers a splendid view of the dam and the surrounding area. The park also has tent houses and guest resorts are available for the accommodation of the guests.

Timings: 10. 30 AM - 6.30 PM

Entry: Rs.20 for Person, Rs. 50 for Cycle, & Rs. 25 for Toy Train