Best Season to Visit Coonoor

March to June & September to October is Best Season to Visit Coonoor

Coonoor can be visited at any time throughout the year, however Post-monsoon from September to October and summer from March to June is the best time to visit Coonoor to explore the beauty of this hill station. This is the time the hill station provides the panoramic view of the lush green Nilgiri hills, with its ravines, valleys and waterfalls. Summer is a good season if you would like to explore the wildlife of Bandipur but the heavy crowd usually spoils the experience and getting safari tickets is also cumbersome effort.

Peak Season in Coonoor

December to January & May to June is Peak Season in Coonoor

New year time and summer are the peak seasons in Coonoor. New Year attracts a considerable number of tourists to Ooty and most of the tourists also mix Coonoor in their trip. Summer is the busiest season in Coonoor with a large number of travelers heading to this region to spend summer vacation. Hotel prices are very expensive during this season compared to normal days and advance booking at least a month before is suggested.

Coonoor Weather

Minimum Temperature in Coonoor


Maximum Temperature in Coonoor


Present Temperature in Coonoor

Summer (March - May):

After the misty winter Coonoor would be bright and colorful. The season doesnt matter to explore Coonoor. This is also a peak time in Coonoor. Most of the travelers are arriving Coonoor to get some relief from the heat. The temperature reaches to 37C only in this period. Summers can be one of your most hot relief destinations in Coonoor. Visit Sims park to see the fruit and flower show.

Winter (October - February):

Winter is the best time to explore Coonoor. The climate will be cool and slower rain. This can make you pleasant and fresh. Your mornings will be with heavy fog and mist. The temperature ranges will be 10C to 15C, sometimes this down a dip of 10C. So winter can be one of your most festive and relaxing center at Coonoor.

Monsoon (June - September):

Slightly Coonoor is rainy throughout the year. But monsoon consists of heavy rainfalls from both southwest and northeast monsoon. Temperature ranges between 20C to 22C during monsoon. Some of the low-lying areas may affect rainfalls hill stations may cause landslides also. Monsoon is not much a peak season during monsoon. So you may found better hotels at cheaper price.

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