Best Season to Visit Matheran

September to December is Best Season to Visit Matheran

Matheran has a pleasant climate throughout the year, the best time to visit is between September to December to experience its panoramic view of the peaks of Western Ghats. This is the time the hill station is spread with greenery and Waterfalls, small lakes, streams are swollen and full because of recent monsoon. Winter is the best time to chill and enjoy the beauty of nature and it is also the perfect season for adventurers.

Peak Season in Matheran

September to October is Peak Season in Matheran

Dussehra (around October) and New Year time are the peak seasons in Matheran. Dussehra attracts maximum number of tourists, hotel prices and activities prices are also very high during this season. New Year also attracts considerable number of travelers and usually hotels are very expensive during this season.

Matheran Weather

Minimum Temperature in Matheran


Maximum Temperature in Matheran


Present Temperature in Matheran

Winter Season (October - February):

Chilled atmosphere at the place can be experienced during this season. The average low temperature at the place during the winter season is about 12C, thus the day is pleasant and sunny. Winters bring out the true grandeur of Matheran. Carry warm clothing and snuggle next to your significant other as you toast marshmallows by a campfire and watch the stars spread across the winter sky. Matheran stuns and woos you with its spectacular views and perfect weather. Explore nature in all its tranquil glory at this beautiful hill station.

Summer Season (March - June):

The temperature during this period varies between 20C to 33C. The season is comparatively warm but is enjoyable. A unique festival to watch out for here is the Matheran Mahotsav, a celebration of the hill station and all its wonders. Organized by the local municipal corporation, take part in the festivities and joy as you celebrate the history, culture, and diversity of this delightful area.

Monsoon Season (July - September):

The hill station receives 150 inches of rainfall every year, which makes it quite tricky to navigate in the monsoon. The rainy season in Matheran welcomes heavy rain the place becomes less crowded, so you can enjoy the rain-soaked greenery with a sense of peace. You can celebrate the Ganesh Festival in Matheran, at this time as it is festival time in Maharashtra. The nature loving crowd stream into this hill resort any time of the year though.