Best Season to Visit Sakleshpur

October to March is Best Season to Visit Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur maintains a cool and misty climate throughout the year but the best time to visit this quaint hill station in winter and summer season from October to April. Winter is the best time to explore its fascinating mountains, scenic beauty, pleasant weather and is suitable for sightseeing. Summer is the best season to escape the heat from the city and it is also a good time if you are planning for OffBeat tour in Sakleshpur with Homestay and activities.

Peak Season in Sakleshpur

December to January & May to June is Peak Season in Sakleshpur

New Year time and Summer are the peak time in Sakleshpur. The new year is the busiest season in Sakleshpur, hotels and homestays are little expensive during this season. Summer is also the busiest season in Sakleshpur and most of the tourists visiting Sakleshpur to spend their summer vacation.

Sakleshpur Weather

Minimum Temperature in Sakleshpur


Maximum Temperature in Sakleshpur


Present Temperature in Sakleshpur

Winter Season (November-March):

Winter season is the best time to visit Sakleshpur and explore it in all its glory. It starts in the month of November and lasts until February. The temperature can fall to 15C. The season is perfect for outdoor activities in Sakleshpur.

Summer Season (March-May):

Summer is usually warm as temperatures ranges between 35C max 20C min. April is the hottest month in summer. You can visit this town throughout the yearas the atmosphere is pleasant. The weather becomes hot, and sightseeing gets difficult in scorching heat.

Monsoon Season (June-September):

During these months, the temperature ranges from 20C to 32C. This subtle drop in temperature from the summer season is due to the heavy rains that adorn the town. Rainy season brings a heavenly view to Sakleshpur due to its frequent showers and fog-induced mornings. Trees and plants get rejuvenated during the monsoon season. The ambience gets alive with a newly found energy. It is a good time to visit Sakleshpur. Humidity is a common problem in Hassan during monsoon.

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