Best Season to Visit Panchgani

September to February is Best Season to Visit Panchgani

Panchgani remained pleasant throughout the year, however, post monsoon & winter are the best seasons to visit Panchgani. This is the time the hill stations is covered with lush greenery, waterfalls are their full flow and the air is filled with romance and beauty. Winter experiences pleasant weather and a large number of tourists visit this hill station during the winter season. Also, the weather is perfect for outdoor adventure activities and as well as sightseeing. Winter is the peak tourist season for those who are looking for a romantic weekend getaway.

Peak Season in Panchgani

October to December & May to June is Peak Season in Panchgani

October season (around Dussehra) to December and May to June are the peak seasons in Panchgani. October to December season attracts a large number of tourists and it is the peak tourist season in Panchgani. Accommodation in Panchgani is not a problem but if you are traveling with family, it is suggestable to book your hotels in advance for a hassle free vacation. Summer from May to June also attracts a considerable number of tourists from Pune or Mumbai cities to spend their summer vacation.

Panchgani Weather

Minimum Temperature in Panchgani


Maximum Temperature in Panchgani


Present Temperature in Panchgani

Winter Season (October - February):

The temperature hovers between 18C -30C and this is the best time to visit Panchgani. This time of the year is also the peak tourist season especially for those looking for a romantic getaway. The skies remain clear, and the mist clears as the sun rises. Those planning to visit in November can get to witness the Diwali celebrations followed by Christmas and New Year in December.

Summer Season (March - June):

The summers in Panchgani are hot and dry and are generally avoided by the tourists. The month of March marks the start of the summer season and it lasts till June. Temperature ranges between 20C to 38C during these months. The peak months of the season keep the town hot and dry. The heat would make exploring the terrain an uncomfortable and exhausting activity.

Monsoon Season (July - September):

During this season Aurangabad receives moderate rainfall that brings with it cool and sometimes harsh winds, Rainfall is significant most months of the year, and the short dry season has little effect. This location is classified as Am by Kppen and Geiger. The average annual temperature is 20.8 C | 69.5 F in Panchgani. The rainfall here is around 3818 mm | 150.3 inches per year.